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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs

We all know about the cocoa and other forms of healthy chocolate. But are you familiar with cacao nibs?

Cacao is how any form of chocolate starts out as the beans come from the Theobroma cacao tree.

Nibs are the least processed and most natural form of chocolate. It’s structure is the unaltered one that exists before being transformed into what we utilise to as chocolate with included sugars and sweeteners. It has an exceptionally sharp taste which may come as a starting shock. But, when you consider its health profits, it will turn into a sweet impression of your life.

Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs

Here are 10 wonderful nutritional benefits from eating these power packed little beans:

Tons of Antioxidants

Cacao nibs have more antioxidants than other superfoods, almost 4 times the antioxidants of dark chocolate! Antioxidants are vital to our health because they fight damage to our cells done by free radicals. These nibs are fully stuffed with cell reinforcements which have been exhibited to lessen the impacts of the maturing process and support in weight reduction.

Packed Full of Fiber

One ounce of cacao nibs has a whopping nine grams of fiber. This helps in keeping our blood pressure at a healthy level and blood glucose levels stable. This fiber can also help lower blood cholesterol as well as helping keep bowel movements regular.

Potassium Galore

One ounce serving of cacao has about 183 mg of potassium. This mineral is crucial for life, it regulates blood acidity, lowers blood pressure, and is important for the normal function of muscle cells, nerve cells, the heart, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Rich in flavanols

Flavanols are found in high levels in cocoa. These phytonutrients contribute to heart health, strengthening antioxidant defenses and countering the free radicals that damage cells. The ones found in cocoa also contribute to urinary tract health.

Has feel-good molecules

Cacao is a great source of scientifically proven bliss chemical compounds- anandamide, phenylethylamine, which prompt the brain to release endorphins and other happy chemicals in the brain. These neurotransmitters elevate mood and makes us feel delighted.

Lots of Magnesium

Cacao beans are one of the best magnesium-rich foods around. Magnesium is key to muscle and nerve function, keeping the heart rhythm steady. It’s involved with body functions like regulating blood pressure and proper muscle function. So if you want a healthy body inside and out, incorporate this super nourishment into your diet.

Abundant in Iron

Cacao Nibs have an ample amount of iron in it. They help you battle against iron deficiency diseases like anaemia, malaise and lethargy. As a matter of fact, you can get a 6 percent of your iron intake with the consumption of per ounce cacao nibs.

Plenteous Polyphenol

Cacao Nibs have copious amount of polyphenol in it. It is used as a cure for diarrhoea and hampers any sort of intestinal secretions. They help obstruct the piling up of fluids which helps shove diarrhoea. It also helps you keep young and lively.

Huge Zinc content

Cacao is a great source of zinc, especially for those on a plant-based-diet. Zinc is involved in thousands of enzymatic reactions throughout the human body. Additionally, it plays a key role in the immune system, liver, pancreas, and skin.

Plenty of Chromium

Chromium is an important trace mineral that helps balance blood sugar levels. It plays a significant role in detoxifying the liver from alcohols which build up during the fermentation process of sugars and starches when we overeat or make bad food choices.

So, instead of picking up a chocolate, choose to snack on cacao nibs!


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