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10 Benefits And Uses For Epsom Salt. Why It Should be in Every Home & Garden.

Epsom Salt is a name that most of us are familiar with, it’s something that most of us grew up with but have sadly forgotten about. Now, it’s time to refresh our memories.

There’s plenty of benefits of using Epsom salt, and we’ve got a wide range of kick-ass D.I.Y. beauty recipes that use it. Today we’re going to give you 10 more amazing reasons why you should use Epsom salt, and we’re hoping that you’ll be convinced and converted by the end of this article.

10 Reasons to Use Epsom Salt

Because You Need to Chill Out

When dissolved in some warm water, Epsom salt can be absorbed by your skin, and that’s when it’ll have the opportunity to work wonders inside your body. Magnesium sulfate, the active ingredient in Epsom salt, helps relieve stress because it ups the levels of serotonin that your body produces.

Because You Need to Stop Aches and Pains

Muscle tension, pain, and inflammation can all be relieved with something as simple as allowing the skin to absorb some Epsom salt. Aside from the fact that an Epsom salt bath will help you chill out, like we just mentioned in point 1, it may also help rejuvenate your aching body after a tough workout or a stressful day.

Because You Want To Boost Nerve Function

Magnesium sulphate works with a lot of enzymes inside the human body. So it may help your body use calcium more effectively which improves nerve function, assisting your nervous system with transmitting signals throughout the body.

Because It May Relieve Constipation

A lot of folks have been using Epsom salt as a saline laxative since way back when, and it’s pretty clear to understand why: because it works like a bomb! Constipation can easily be relieved by dissolving just one teaspoon of salt into some warm water and then drinking the mixture.

Because You’ll Have a Splinter-Removing Remedy

Stubborn splinters hurt, and they’re always so darn hard to dislodge. Luckily we’ve got a tried-and-tested remedy for the problem to share with you. If you’re got a splinter stuck in your skin, all you need to do is soak the injured body part in some warm water that has been infused with Epsom salt. After a few minutes of soaking, the magnesium sulphate will have reduced the inflammation around the splinter, making it much easier for you to get rid of!

Because It May Help Keep Your Feet Healthy

Epsom salt foot soaks are amazing, and they’re great for getting rid of the aches and pains most of us get from standing around a lot throughout the day. They’re also a great way to treat athlete’s foot and fungus infections – all you need is half-a-cup of Epsom salt and some warm water for soaking!

Because It Can Bust Blackheads

Epsom salts can be used to get rid of any dirt and dead skin cells on the face, which are two of the root causes of blemishes. To make the blackhead-clearing mixture, mix 1 teaspoon salts with 4 drops of iodine and add that to half-a-cup of hot water. Stir everything together and then apply the mix to the affected areas, allowing it to work its magic until it has dried out completely. Then, thoroughly wash off the mixture with lukewarm water.

Because It Can Get Those Pots Shining Again!

Before attempting to scrub the dirtiest of your dishes, go ahead and pour a little Epsom salts over them. The texture of the salt crystals is abrasive, which will help get rid of any grease and grime stuck on your dishes.

Because It Can Clean the Tiles

A permanently dirty-looking floor is something no one wants, and we’ve got the perfect solution. To clean your tiles and the grout between them, just mix Epsom salts and some liquid dish detergent, in equal parts and then scrub the affected area with the mixture.

Because It Promotes Garden Health

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching a garden flourish in all its glory. You can make that happen at home by using some Epsom salt to boost the vitality of your garden soil! Magnesium sulphate is an excellent fertilizer, so sprinkle some salts at the bases of your plants twice per year to help them be the most vibrant versions of themselves.

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you 10 great reasons why you need to start using Epsom salts in your daily life. Mother Nature truly gave us a brilliant gift when Epsom salts were conjured up, and it’s time that we made the most of it; we’re sure this useful natural ingredient will add value to your life!

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