10 big mistakes of brides, one week before the wedding

1- New hair color
Even if your color stylist is definitely the best, avoid changing your hair color in the week before your wedding. “You never know how the color can oxidize on your hair and what effect it will have on your skin tone,” says hairstylist and owner of Cabrec Salon and Spa in New York. If you want to freshen up your face without compromising your appearance, ask your stylist to use gloss on your hair. This will give your hair a lot of shine and beauty. But if you ruin your hair color with a bad color before the big day, you’re definitely doing more damage by re-dying your hair right away.

2- Significant haircut
“The work, the effort, and the planning of the wedding begins about three months before the actual day, and you’d better stick to the same hairstyle throughout the process,” Labrecque says. Not only will the look and texture of your hair change when you cut it, but also keep in mind that a significant cut may not look good with the neckline, lace, or jewelry of your wedding day. do not coordinate.”

It is only suggested that a month before the wedding, you should have a short trim of a few centimeters to clip the damaged ends of the hair. But after that, avoid cutting your hair!

No matter how well you plan your wedding, it seems that some things are always left to the last minute, but hair should not be one of them!

3- New sports program
Maintain your previous and normal exercise program. Now is not the right time for a new program. Muscle aches and pains can take weeks to heal, and you definitely don’t want to be dancing on your wedding day with a sore body and sore muscles!

If your goal is to lose weight, make sure you start a good fitness program before trying on your dress, and if you’re looking for a great way to de-stress before the wedding, go for a walk or jog in the park with your friends. There are things about being out with friends that are so rewarding!

4- Spray tan
Tanning sprays may be an affordable option for safe, sunless tanning, but it is possible that the color you get may not match your skin or your skin may not tan evenly.

It is best to have a professional do it for you professionally. In this way, the color will be evenly distributed on your skin and complement your skin color.

Also, don’t forget a light exfoliation before tanning. By doing this, your skin color will last longer and shine more.

5- Changing makeup

Judy Hazlewood, a London-based makeup artist and professional bridal makeup instructor, says: “Sometimes brides worry and fear at the last minute that their makeup is too much or too little! “That’s why during the make-up test – when brides are in a more logical state of mind – I give them the chance to try different looks.”

At the end of the day, trust your stylist, who has considered your face, skin type, age, hairstyle, time and place of your wedding, and style of your wedding reception.

“Modern bridal makeup is a bit like red carpet makeup,” says Hazelwood. “Your makeup needs to look good in front of HD video cameras, professional cameras, personal mobile cameras, in bright light and candlelight, and for long hours.”

How do you make sure your skin will look good for your wedding day makeup?: “Water, water, water, sleep, sleep, sleep!” This is Judy Hazlewood’s answer. “Avoid sunbathing and don’t worry too much about your skin imperfections. They are easily covered by a professional makeup artist.- As long as you don’t touch your skin and don’t damage your makeup, they won’t be seen!-

6- Replacing juice instead of food
Food acts as fuel for the body. You need calories to keep you energized and able to get through your busy and stressful weekend. So now is not the right time to stop feeding yourself! Juices are very low in calories and substituting them will reduce your energy and make you irritable. They are also high in sugar.

One week before the wedding, you should have proper and normal meals that include the right amount of vegetables and drink enough water and do not skip any meals.

7- Peeling and cleaning the skin
Exfoliation and exfoliation promises smooth, silky skin in the future, but it’s a no-go the week before the wedding.

After receiving chemicals for cleaning and exfoliation, some people’s skin is regularly scaly, and these dead skins on the surface of the skin may become raised and bullet-like under makeup, and some people’s skin is extremely red and inflamed after this operation. It is possible, and applying make-up, which you want in the first stage for the cleanliness, smoothness and beauty of your skin, only aggravates this inflammation.

Therefore, in your schedule, schedule an appointment for cleaning, exfoliation, or any other skin treatment, Botox, etc., at least two weeks before the wedding. In this case, no redness or inflammation will remain on your skin.

8- New skin care products
If your wedding is less than two weeks away, don’t change your skin care regimen or products. You should have changed it months ago, because changing them and substituting a new product may lead to allergic reactions, dry skin, oily skin, or other problems that take a long time to resolve.

Make sure to see your dermatologist a few months before your wedding. Your doctor can prescribe a special pre-wedding skin care product that will address your specific concerns and ensure that your skin will be glowing and perfect for the big day.

9- Night vigil!
Do you stay up all night thinking about wedding plans? Find a dutiful friend, delegate tasks, and sleep!

When you deprive yourself of sleep, your body produces a hormone that tells your body when to eat and makes you eat more. Therefore, your diet will be disturbed, especially if you use foods with low nutritional value, you will feel slow and lazy. Insomnia also affects the immune system. Therefore, your body will be more prepared to accept viruses.

Adequate sleep will make your eyes brighter and more beautiful, and you will be more refreshed and relaxed for the wedding day.

10- Excess caffeine
Want to get through your long sleepless nights by relying on caffeine? This is wrong, just fuel your body and eat the right food.

Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant. So with caffeine, it will only increase your stress and anger. But you don’t need to add to your stress.

Caffeine can even spoil the beauty of your wedding day. Caffeine absorbs body water and causes darkness under the eyes.

So don’t increase your caffeine intake.

We hope that by following these tips, you will be as beautiful as you want on your wedding day.


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