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10 Greatest Herbal Tea Ingredients for Healing

We’ve all come across the intimidating grocery store wall of herbal teas. We often turn to herbal tea ingredients for healing certain ailments, as well as that overwhelming sense of calm that sipping a steaming cup of tea always seems to bring.  The following ten herbs will not only heal your soul, but your body as well (but make sure your herbs are organic so you can reap the full benefits!).

10 Greatest Herbal Tea Ingredients for Healing


Did you eat a little too much at your last meal? A lemongrass tea can help your body digest. Lemongrass contains citral, which is responsible for boosting your metabolism when you need a little extra push.


You’d be wise to add sage to your tea routine if you’ve got a sore throat. This antiseptic and antibacterial herb can also soothe menstrual cramps and, like lemongrass, help aid in digestion.


A racing mind or a restless body can keep you up at night. That’s where a warm mug of chamomile tea comes in. The petals of the chamomile plant are known for their soothing qualities, and are often incorporated into tea blends specifically designed to help you get naturally drowsy at bedtime.


We all know that a peppermint can help make our breath smell better, but this herb has a lot more to offer you and your stomach. It relaxes your abdominal muscles, which, in turn, soothes belly-based ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and nausea.


Ginger is the Swiss Army Knife of herbs, it can do just about everything you can imagine. It fights viruses with almost 12 antiviral compounds. It also contains pain-relieving and antiseptic elements. That’s why people use it when they want to fight colds or prevent them altogether. Ginger can also soothe your sore throat, reduce your temperature, and dull bodily aches.


Speaking of the common cold, rosehips are one of the best ways to build your immune system to fight illnesses like that one. It contains a boatload of Vitamin C, and in some cases, it contains even more vitamin C than over-the-counter supplements.


It might be hard to believe, but spicy cinnamon can soothe your upset stomach. Turn to cinnamon-infused tea when you’re experiencing nausea. It can also be used to help you stop vomiting.


If you’re concerned with heart health, listen up. The hawthorn plant should be incorporated into your daily teatime. It boosts blood circulation by simultaneously soothing and dilating your blood vessels. Altogether, this takes stress off of your cardiovascular system, it’s a win-win-win.


You’re not feeling sick at all, and that’s a feeling you want to hold onto. Echinacea is another herb that helps fortify your immune system. That’s because it boosts your levels of properdin, a chemical that tells your immune system that it’s time to up its production of virus-fighting bodies.


Turmeric fights back against any excess sugar in your bloodstream. Aside from restoring your blood to its purest state, turmeric also fights inflammation and enriches your body with antioxidants. For these reasons and more, many undergoing cancer treatments incorporate turmeric into their daily routines.


Contributing Author: Kate Wilson is a freelance health and wellness writer for several green lifestyle organizations.  In her free time she enjoys camping (the good old-fashioned way!) and trail running.  Basically, if you’re ever looking for her, head to the nearest patch of woods and you’re sure to find her soon enough.  Kate is also an organic foodie evangelist, constantly sharing her food facts and wisdom with all within earshot.  For more, follow her at @kateowilson or JetFeeds.com.

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