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10 Inspirational Tips For A Happier Life

Achieving ultimate happiness is something that everyone strives for – but in today’s world, happiness is tough to obtain. With day-to-day stressors such as money issues, working a job we rather not work, family conflicts, relationship problems and eating/drinking foods that simply tire out our adrenals, happiness is typically the last thing on our minds. These inspirational tips for a happier life are merely but a guide to help you inspire not only yourself, but those around you.

10 Tips for A Happier Life

1. Smile More

Because you never know who may fall in love with your smile! Just kidding (but seriously, who doesn’t love it when they see other people smiling?). Smiling is easier on the muscles on your face, releasing facial stress and thus allowing your mind to think more clearly. The facial feedback hypothesis also states that if you mimic a facial expression that represents happiness (aka. smiling), your brain will think you are smiling for a reason and thus your mood will improve.

2. Learn to Love

Learning to love yourself is first and foremost, then you can learn to love others. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Check out www.hugnation.com for excellent advice on learning how to love both yourself, and others. John Styn (owner of hugnation) is amazing!

3. Give up Your Need to Always Be Right

Needing to always be right can be extremely stressful on the body. It can even break strong relationships with our friends, partners or families. Although you may feel the urge to prove to the other person that your point of view is the only point of view, sometimes it is just not worth the extra stress. Be kind & unwind!

4. Forgive

Martin Luther King once said, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.” Being able to forgive others and forgive ourselves is a big step we must take in order to lead the road to ultimate happiness. Forgiveness means the ability to be comfortable again within our own skins, and comfortable around others we have been holding back to forgive.

5. Give up Your Need for Control

Trying to control everything that happens to you, and around you, is an important step to happiness. Allowing people and situations to “just be” is often for the better. If you just stop trying to control everything and let go, things usually run much more smoothly (at least in my own life, this is how it has worked out – simply allowing things to happen instead of trying to make them happen). Control is rooted in fear, if we lose our sense of control over things, we fear what will happen. This isn’t to say that you should just lay back on the couch and great things will happen – you do need to initiate events, and certain situations, but trying to control them 100% is incredibly hard on ourselves. Once you have initiated a plan, the universe will help guide the rest. I have found that living like this has benefited my life wonderfully!

6. Give up on Your Limiting Beliefs

Do not let your limiting beliefs keep you stuck in the wrong place! You may think certain things are impossible, until you try them, and they become possible. Don’t be afraid to be you, just because of certain beliefs you have been brought up to believe. You only live once, so live life to it’s fullest!

7. Complain Less

“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb. Being stuck in a negative attitude all the time places HUGE stress on our bodies! Learning to complain less will make both your life, and others, much more easier. Instead of complaining try and find solutions to your problems. Trust me, you will feel better talking about your issues instead of complaining about them and getting essentially nowhere.

8. Stop Resisting Change

You have probably already heard this before, but change is good! Do not resist change, it will help you accomplish many things in your life you otherwise may not have underwent because you were scared of change. Change will allow you to improve your life, and will make it fun and interesting!

9. Give up Your Excuses

Stop coming up with excuses! Today is the day! If you want to lose weight, eat healthier, start NOW! Don’t wait until new years – why not look amazing for new years instead? Many of us are limited because we come up with excuses that now is not the time, trying to convince ourselves that certain priorities can wait for a later date. If you can get out of the excuse rut, you will start to notice dramatic improvement in your day to day life!

10. Give up the Past 

A lot of us like to live in the past. But the past is gone and now is the future! Remember, the present moment is all you will have, and all you will ever have. Learn to be present in everything you do and enjoy life – plan, accordingly for the future, but do not obsess over it. The future will come when it comes, but for now, focus on the now.

An Article Inspired From purposefairy.com! 

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