10 Magnesium Rich Foods, Causes and Harms of Magnesium Deficiency and Supplements

Foods rich in magnesium Essential for cell health and the function of more than 300 cellular components in the body. Unfortunately, about 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient and most of them do not even know it! Magnesium has more properties than you might think; Because your body needs to use Magnesium It has many different functions, Magnesium body You may lose weight quickly, especially if you eat foods that do not have enough magnesium.

Some body functions that require magnesium:

Protein synthesis

Nerve function

Blood sugar control

Dissemination of neural messages

Regulate blood pressure

Metabolic energy

Production of the antioxidant glutathione

Do you get enough magnesium-rich foods?

Magnesium deficiency It is not detected significantly, because in blood test It is not clear. single 1% of body magnesium You are stored in your blood and most of it bone Your messages are saved.

Some of the health challenges associated with magnesium deficiency include:

Hormone imbalance

Premenstrual Syndrome

heart attack

Type 2 diabetes



Migraine headache

Stress and depression

Chronic fatigue

As you can see, increasing your intake of magnesium-rich foods is essential for your health.

How to increase magnesium intake?

If you think it is possible magnesium If your body is low, the best way to solve this problem is to consume Foodstuffs Start with high magnesium. Buy Organic food May have more magnesium. Typically the foods that most Magnesium content They have vegetables with green leaves Chlorophyll (green) Found in them. Chlorophyll is a plant that is known as “ The blood of life It is known and has the ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy.

One of the major differences between human blood and chlorophyll is that human blood has iron in its cell center but plants have magnesium in their cell center.

10 foods rich in magnesium

Magnesium infographic, magnesium, magnesium rich foods, magnesium properties

Infographic 10 foods rich in magnesium

the vegetables Green leaves are not the only foods rich in magnesium and chlorophyll. here 10 foods rich in magnesium There are some that you will definitely want to add to your diet.

(RDA for men: 400 mg per day, RDA for women: 310 mg per day)

Spinach: 1 cup: 157 mg

Tea : 1 cup: 154 mg

Pumpkin seeds: 1/8 cup: 92 mg

yogurt : 1 cup: 50 mg

Almonds: 1 ounce: 80 mg

Black tortoise beans: 1/2 cup: 60 mg

Avocado: 1 medium: 58 mg

Figs: 1/2 cup: 50 mg

Dark Chocolate : 1 square: 95 mg

the banana : 1 medium: 32 mg

Other foods that are rich in magnesium include: Salmon fish ، Coriander ، Almonds ، Goat cheese And Artichoke.

The most common causes of magnesium deficiency

The most common causes of magnesium deficiency are:

Consume vegetables less than three times a day

Excessive alcohol consumption

Diet containing sugar and phytic acid

Taking prescription drugs Such as antibiotics and diuretics (diuretics)

Poor digestive absorption

Magnesium is more important than calcium!

Most of the press and research over the last 50 years towards Calcium supplements Gone ; But if you look at the statistics, Magnesium is more important than calcium. having a Traditional diet Or a simple diet gives you a 1: 1 or 2: 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, but most people today follow a standard American diet that gives us a 3.5: 1 ratio. This means level magnesium Leads to the bottom.

Also note that your body needs calcium to use it magnesium as Cofactor Has; So millions of people who take calcium-free magnesium supplements have a zero percent recovery.

Studies and research on the benefits of magnesium

Also many studies and researches regarding the benefits of magnesium for the health There are more than 10,000 studies. Here are five key areas that magnesium has a strong effect on:

Cardiovascular disease : The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Journal, had 241,378 participants; Showed that having Magnesium rich diet , Reduces the risk of stroke by 8%. Another study also showed the use of Magnesium in the diet , Reduces the risk of heart attacks by 38%.

Fibromyalgia: A research on Magnesium intake Has shown that the inclusion of magnesium in the diet, Symptoms of fibromyalgia Reduces and improves it. This research showed that Increase magnesium intake It reduces pain and also improves the body’s immune system.

Type 2 diabetes: Magnesium-rich diets can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes because magnesium It plays the role of glucose metabolism in the body. Daily consumption of 100 mg of magnesium in research results has reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 15%.

Osteoporosis : Magnesium one Essential mineral It is for the growth and strength of bones and for use as a cofactor in calcium. In fact, more than half magnesium In the human body, it is stored in the bones and only one percent of magnesium is found in the blood. Another benefit of magnesium found in research is that it slows down Osteoporosis Is.

Migraine headaches: Deficiency of foods high in magnesium causes migraine headaches because if you do not get enough magnesium, the balance of neurotransmitters is lost. A study published in the Expert Review of Neurotherapy was shown to show consumption 300 mg of magnesium Twice a day reduces migraine headaches.

The best magnesium supplements

If you think, Severe magnesium deficiency You have and you want to improve your magnesium levels; You may decide to use one Complement get. To use the supplement, I recommend Magnesium fork ، Magnesium Citrate ، Magnesium glycinate Or Magnesium Ternuate Consume.

also, Magnesium oil Great option for Increased magnesium levels in the body is. Massage magnesium oil on the face Local On the skin, it can be absorbed faster. You can create magnesium oil on your feet before going to bed for insomnia and foot fatigue syndrome.

The author does not recommend magnesium oxide because In the body can be Magnesium hydroxide And damage the intestinal wall. It also reduces absorption.

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