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10 Tips On How To Be Successful On A Plant-Based Diet

Given the circumstances the modern way of living imposes, people are becoming more and more aware of how important a balanced diet is for both their physical and mental health. All those who studied the matter closely realized that a plant-based diet will surely bring benefits and at one point decided to give it a try. And, they failed after some time. Tried again, and failed again. If this sounds familiar, please do not give up completely. Starting is easy, being successful requires effort. These 10 tips will get you there.

How To Be Successful On A Plant-Based Diet

Start Gradually

Just like any serious change of behaviour, a plant-based diet transition has a greater chance of succeeding if it is performed in steps. Gradually abandon different types of meat and finish with dairy products of all kind, monitoring everything along the way.

Be Informed

Get as many information as possible before you start the transition and stay informed all the way. You will be surprised by the new details and layers of motivation that will unfold with every new positive thing you read about your new diet.

Do Not Rush Things

Your organism will require time to adapt to the changes you are making, especially if you were a keen carnivore your entire life. Do not despair if it takes time, expecting it to happen overnight is unrealistic and could be hazardous.

Join A Group

You do not need to go through the transition on your own. Join a group or a forum of like-minded people, share your experience, learn from theirs and find answers and support there, as well.

Use Supplements

Once again, the transition to the plant-based diet is somewhat a shock to an organism and it is highly likely that supplements will be required for it to be successful. Take them into serious consideration.

Meal Experiments

Thinking of a plant-based diet as a meal variety limitation is often a reason for failure. Experimentation with meals and trying out different recipes will show its richness instead.

Grow Your Own Food

Nothing beats organic food and the pleasure of eating your own products. And it does not necessarily require large spaces. The renowned professionals at Elmich helped me with great advice on how to plant my strawberry vertical garden which is now both a great source of strawberries of unmatched quality and a pleasure to care for.

Avoid A Refined Carb Trap

Bagels, chips, pretzels, processed fake meats product such as vegan burgers and sausages will not fill the “meat hole” you are bound to feel. Instead, they will make you feel worse, lacking energy and consequently the will to succeed. Avoid them.


Every human being is a world in itself. You will find different examples of people’s experiences during the transition to the plant-based diet, learn from them but do not expect yours to be exactly the same. Addressing individual characteristics and habits are what brings success.

The Big Picture

The fact that a plant-based diet is beneficial for the entire environment just like it is for individuals health is a great motivator, as well. Water and land conservation, waste production and greenhouse effect reduction (18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture) are just a few that need to be emphasized.

Remember, a complete transition to a plant-based diet takes time and great effort. Do not let this discourage you, think about all the benefits it brings both to you and to the environment and goes through it gradually. With every step you take you will feel better, healthier and stronger despite all the side effects you may experience along the way. Trust us, it is well worth it.

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