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10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Receiving a Foot Massage Before Bed

Everyone loves getting a good foot massage, especially when you’re someone who’s on their feet for the majority of the day. The feet is one of the most important parts of the body. It’s what supports your weight day in and day out, it’s the one that keeps you mobile and takes you places. Ironically, it’s one of the most neglected part of the body as well.

Think about the last time you focused on your feet — on pampering it and giving it a break. I bet it’s been a while since you did that last (if you even did it once). Not everyone can afford the luxury of going to a spa for a day of relaxation, and you don’t really have to if all you want is to give your feet a break.

A simple massage at home is enough to give your feet the break that it needs. Receiving a foot massage in bed is the perfect way to end the day. Not to mention, it has tons of unexpected health benefits, too!

Health Benefits of Receiving a Foot Massage Before Bed

1. It makes you feel relaxed

After a long and tiring day, a massage to cap off the night would be one of the best things to come home to. Who doesn’t love having their feet gently stroked, pulled, and pressed? I know I do, especially when I’ve been on them all day long!

2. It helps improve blood circulation

Having good blood circulation is vital in maintaining good health. When your blood does not circulate freely and gets restricted, you may be at risk of experiencing various health problems such as high blood pressure, heart and kidney problems, and even organ damage. If you want to get this benefit, of course, you’ll need to put pressure on the right point. Here’s a great guide for a foot massage that you can have before bed to help increase and improve blood flow.  

3. It promotes better sleep

Whether you’re someone who can’t sleep well at night because of stress and other things or someone who legitimately suffer from sleep disorders, a foot massage before bed is surely something you’d appreciate and benefit from. Foot massages promote better sleep, especially when done right. Check out this chart to see where you should apply pressure on your feet.

4. It  helps reduce symptoms of PMS

PMS is a tough battle to deal with. Women experience a lot of pain and deal with a ton of changes in their bodies while men… Well, they kinda take the blow from the women in their lives suffering from PMS. If you’re a man reading this, the solution to your PMS-related problems is here! Whenever you notice that your lady love is PMS-ing (tension, insomnia, irritability, plates and platters flying when you get home late — you know, the whole nine yards), cut her some slack. Tuck her into bed and give her a foot massage to send her off to Dreamland. No idea what to do? Just click here and watch the video.

5. It helps with different aches and pains

PMS is not the only thing a good foot massage can relieve, you know. If you’re feeling all sorts of aches and pains after a day of tiring work, a foot massage might just be what you need. Whether it’s back pain from being slouched up in front of the computer all day at the office or aching legs from walking and doing errands all around town, there’s nothing a foot massage can’t relieve.

6. It helps with headaches and migraines

Ever felt frustrated when you tried to sleep off a headache and woke up to find that it’s just gotten even stronger? Well, next time your head starts to throb like crazy, lie down and ask someone to give you a foot massage before hitting the sack. Here’s a helpful guide that you can use, whether it be for a sinus headache, a headache at your temples, or anywhere else on your head. If you (or your generous massage-giving friend) are more of the visual type, check out this how-to video instead.

7. It helps with flat feet and heel pain

If you’ve experience waking up in the morning and feeling pain on your heels the moment you try to get on your feet and walk, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis, a very common cause of heel pain. While professional treatment and therapy might be the best way to get rid of the problem, one way you can alleviate the pain is by getting a foot massage before you go to bed. Click here for tips on where to apply pressure during the massage.

8. It helps with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)

People who have RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome know all too well how this neurological disorder can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. If you’ve been suffering from RLS and want to get better quality sleep at night, try getting yourself a nice little foot massage at night before you go to sleep. It might just be what you need to finally achieve an undisturbed eight-hour sleep. 

9. It helps keep depression at bay

Night time is usually the time when we get to contemplate and think about our lives, so it only makes sense that this can be one of the loneliest times of the day for some people. If you often feel like you are suffering from depression, try giving yourself a foot massage before going to bed. Studies suggest that a self-given foot massage is a great way to deal with feelings of stress and depression.

10. It promotes a healthier sex life

While not entirely backed by science, we have reasons to believe that giving your partner a foot massage before bed can help you maintain a healthier sex life. It all starts with making them feel good and easing up their tension brought up by a busy day. Once you get your partner to relax and loosen up, s/he may be feel more enthused and might return the favour (or do something better for you) before you finally go to bed.


Whether you receive it from yourself or from someone else, a few minutes of foot massage before going to bed is definitely something you’ll enjoy and benefit from. Don’t forget the warm towels and the oils / lotions for an all out spa-at-home feel.

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