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10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan: Cardio Exercise

Hello, Buddies! What’s Up! This is Emil Here I am a gym instructor and fitness expert in my city Tucson, AZ. Today I am going write some advice about 10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan. Basically, I am going to focus on cardio exercise.
As we all know, cardio exercise is the regular type exercise. You can be a fit guy by cycling or running 10-15 minutes daily. It’s not a tough work. You just need a Recumbent Bike or A treadmill at your office or home. You can exercise on a recumbent bike while you watching your favourite TV shows or just checking office files.

Let me explain how this 10 mins exercise can boost your daily energy. Let’s say, you have a stationary bike at your home. And, you exercise every night before going to sleep. While you doing exercise your muscles will go for a run! they will work hard and you will sweat like you just did a shower. Cardio exercises are great for your cardiovascular and lung health, for losing weight, and for burning fat. When combined with a strength training regime and healthy eating habits, you will be on your way to optimum health and longevity. Without cardio exercise, it is very hard to have a ripped mid-core. Your lower back helps with your posture. Without a strong lower back you will begin to slouch and your form will be compromised.

We pride ourselves in carrying the elusive hard-to-find cardio titles that a lot of retailers can’t be bothered with. Good exercise and fitness programs never go out of style exercise and we know there are a lot more great selections other than brand new.

While the advantages of doing a home exercise program are far too numerous to list, here are a few points to keep in mind.

Convenience: Life is hectic enough on its own…exercise cardio does not have to be. You call the shots based upon your busy day. Exercise when your schedule is convenient for you and not someone else’s.

The top 10 activities that don’t count as warm-ups. exercise Some of the following ideas may be incorporated into your warm-up, cardio but none exercise should be used as the cardio sole activity when preparing for higher intensity exercise. What counts “The idea is simple. A muscle in exercise a resting cardio state has a certain length. Warming up improves the ability to move the muscle through its entire range of motion without injury.
While warmth applied to the outside of the exercising body warms the skin and parts of the muscles close to the skin’s surface, cardio it doesn’t effectively warm the muscles, particularly exercise the deep-seated muscles and tendons.”

For all types of exercise, your warm-up activities should: Take each of the joints cardio and exercises through a full range of motion. Increase body temperature. Get you psychologically tuned to what your body will be doing. Physiological reasons for warming up.

Warm-ups help the body and its muscles to cardio perform more effectively by Slowly increasing muscle temperature. Serving as a dry run, which alerts the individual to potential musculoskeletal and other problems that may occur at a higher intensity. Reducing the risk of exercise-related exercise heart problems by increasing coronary blood flow. Improving the elasticity of soft tissues. Preventing early lactic-acid buildup and fatigue. Stimulating cardio and exercise motor units of the muscles in preparation for a heavier workload.

This 10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan for Cardio Exercise will work properly if you can maintain the regularity. Print out the infographic below and hang it in your exercise room.
Here in this infographic, I describe how you can exercise on your cardio machine. If you want to use this for cycling, you need to cycle fast instead of sprint and cycling slowly instead of jog.

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