11 Ways to Quit Masturbation

I want to stop masturbating, but how?

Keep yourself busy and focused

Find another destination and time for your time and energy and fill your life with activity, creating a busy to help so that you do not have time to think about such issues.

Be creative

  • To take the right path of replacement Masturbation With a creative habit you should almost do what the monks and sages used to do! Sit down and write a little, choose a musical instrument and pursue learning to play, draw, draw, or do whatever you enjoy to stay focused.


  • Continuity is necessary to reach the point of excellence in a particular sport. Engage in one-on-one sports such as running and swimming, or group sports such as soccer, basketball, or tennis. It is also good to know that any physical activity can reduce the amount of stress and increase your sense of freshness and help you increase your concentration and put it in a more positive direction.

Adjust your diet

  • Fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on the body and can provide the nutrients needed to energize you one day and make you more refreshed. Avoid stimulant foods such as salmon, red peppers, coffee, avocados, bananas and chocolate.

Dedicate your time to volunteering

  • Dedicate your energy to helping children younger than yourself or people in need. For example, you can use your time to do a good job with a small income or decide to move part of your surroundings home! With these simple tasks, you can experience the extraordinary feeling of helping others and even walk in the direction of your own goals.

Get enough sleep

  • The sexual urges caused by masturbation addiction are very strong and you will need a lot of energy to fight them. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and if you forget to go to bed on time, set the clock! Be smart to avoid irritation!
  • Do this especially when going to the bathroom or going to bed. For example, if you want to go to bed and it’s too late but you can’t sleep, get up, lie on the floor, and lift your torso up and down with the help of your hands (a movement similar to leaning backwards) and hold your hand until sleep falls on your eyes. You do not get rid of it, when Sleep It took you back to bed.
  • If you masturbate after coming home from school and work, try to avoid any feeling of tiredness and lethargy, because it is in these situations that your mind has a false need to do it to create the pleasure of masturbation. Induces.
    Fill in the schedule after work and do not let it be unplanned, always busy preventing work Masturbation Will make it easier.
  • If you have a habit of masturbating in the morning, try using thicker clothes, this will make it harder for you and will also remind you of your promises and appointments!

Limit your lonely times

  • If you masturbate most of the time when you feel lonely, try as much as you can. Community Relations Add yourself. Make more friends, spend more time with people who make you feel good, try to be more social overall, and avoid isolation.
  • The next thing about the loneliness option is that you can limit the time you spend alone at home. Especially during the hours of the day when your parents are away from home and at work, the best thing to do to reduce masturbation is to avoid being too alone.
  • If your friends are busy and can’t be with you all the time, you can go out for a while and take a short walk (it works!), Or instead of watching football alone at home, do it in a public place like a cafe or anywhere else. You are not alone to watch
    Stop watching inappropriate and destructive movies and sites.
  • One of the most important reasons you over-indulge may be that you have access to the most malicious sites and pages in the first few moments of stimulation. At the very least, if you do not want to discard these pages yourself, recommend the following to those who need them:
  • Provide and install special blocking software that blocks these sites for you in cyberspace. True, you have the program password, but at least this software block will remind you of the most important priority of your life. It also helps you choose a random password in the blocking software!
  • If you are in the habit of masturbating when you see inappropriate pictures and videos on your computer screen, pick up your laptop or computer, or take it to a place where other family members are present or traveling.

Be persistent and patient

  • Quitting complacency has never been and will never be easy, and the key to success in quitting is definitely to persevere and avoid doing and not being exposed to stimulation. You need to make sure that the mistakes and return to the first day are reduced to a minimum, otherwise it will be impossible to leave.

Mark Twain : Quitting smoking It’s very easy, I’ve done it a thousand times myself

Do not be like this

  • Rewarding yourself can also be effective, encourage yourself to avoid doing it, and reward yourself for not doing it after a certain amount of time.

Change your mindset

  • Stop harassing yourself and forgive yourself. When you constantly feel helpless in the face of masturbation and regret it, it will make you weaker, so instead of regret accept the reality and roll up your sleeves, give yourself hope and decide to say goodbye to masturbation. Remember that masturbation is part of human creation and never blame yourself too much for it. Check out previous articles to learn more. Do not let the thought of how much I could do in the time I wasted masturbating bother you, forgive yourself…

Believe that after leaving this behavior, recovery is on the way!

  • If you believe you can, you will definitely be able to never say to yourself when you get back to normal after a while that I ruined my day and it doesn’t matter if I masturbate or not, be strong and start again.

Know when you need help

  • If you find that despite all the efforts you make in this regard, you are still not able to end this dependence, it is better to ask others for help. Do not be embarrassed and know that many people have had or still have problems like yours, so be brave and ask others for help to improve your mental and physical well-being. For example, try to go to a religious person or someone who is of a higher religious position and seek guidance from him, do not forget that the power of faith and religious beliefs is very important and significant.
  • Make an appointment with a specialist and talk to them about your problem, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to help people like you. To do this, it is best to start with a doctor in your area to assess your dependency and refer you to a specialist.

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