12 golden keys to achieve maximum sexual pleasure

Orgasm means reaching the peak of sexual pleasure that couples try to achieve during sex. In order to reach orgasm, you must observe special points that both men and women must observe. To achieve sexual pleasure, you can consult sex counselors. Stay with Dr. Salam.

In this article, we have collected practical tips from counselors and sex experts to help you have a better orgasm and reach the peak of sexual pleasure.

1. For a better orgasm: you should get sex counseling

Can’t reach orgasm? Or do you want to experience a better orgasm?

We have gathered a collection of opinions from sex experts in this article so that you can achieve the peak of sexual pleasure in your life.

2. For a better orgasm: touching hot spots

Touching hot spots helps you reach the peak of sexual pleasure during intercourse. For example, you should lie on top of your husband so that your clitoris is directly on his pubic bone. Or lie on your back and place a pillow under your hips.

3. For a better orgasm: talk and react

According to Dr. Laura Berman, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University, “Men need to be guided in the right direction.” Women should show their husbands that they are moving in the right direction by expressing how good they feel or sighing. he does.

4. For a better orgasm: know your body

If you don’t know your body, you can’t guide your partner on how to stimulate yourself during sex. So the best way is to learn the sensitive points of your body and how to stimulate them.

5. For a better orgasm: exercise the muscles that cause orgasm

“Kegel is a classic exercise for women who want to turn a weak orgasm into a great orgasm,” says sex trainer Dorian Sollot. “By contracting the pelvic floor muscles, stop your urination and identify the target muscles in this way.” Then contract these muscles when you don’t urinate. Do Kegel exercises every day, several times a day if possible. Hold your breath during the contraction.

For a better orgasm, talk and react

6. For a better orgasm: take risks

Research shows that engaging in exciting activities together (whether it’s rock climbing or just watching a scary movie) stimulates dopamine in the brain, which leads to sexual desire between you.

7. For better orgasm: Delaying orgasm

According to Solott, “Prolonging the orgasm will result in an explosive orgasm.” When you get close to orgasm, slow down your movements and repeat this several times until the final orgasm. ”

8. For a better orgasm: focus on your breathing

Tantric sex may be new to you, but its principle is based on the tenet, or focusing on breathing, which can increase your pleasure. According to sex educator Evan Fulbright, “You can connect your breathing to the energy of sex.” People who can focus on their breathing and breathe in tandem slow down their orgasms and have stronger orgasms than they can. to intensify the pleasure.

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu method that is more than 5000 years old and means “weaving and expanding energy”. A slow form of sex to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms.

9. For a better orgasm: have creative love games

According to Fulbright, if you need more time than your partner to get ready for sex, send each other romantic emails or messages about the sex you want or a sexual massage (but don’t overdo the imagery because your messages may be private). did not remain.)

10. For a better orgasm: Check your medications

More women than men turn to antidepressants, which have been proven to harm a person’s sex life. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about your medications.

11. For a better orgasm: get help immediately

If you cannot have an orgasm, seek help from a professional counselor. Nerve damage or decreased testosterone can cause this problem. According to Berman, your doctor can assess your health and examine factors that may be involved in your relationship. ”

12. For a better orgasm: relax

In a recent study conducted on more than 500 French women, more than 70% of them stated that work stress affects their libido. Decreased libido will obviously decrease the possibility of orgasm. So leave the distractions of your life behind the bedroom door.

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