13 reasons for daily sex

sex Answer to Happiness, Longevity and healthy body Is. You You don’t agree? Well, here A list of benefits sex We have written the daily for youso if do this Do it daily Pleasure You will experience the full. 13 reason for sex Daily :

Sex Stress reduces. when During sex Deep breathing we kill Stress is reduced

In one study, At public Library Science Journal, Three researchers Neuroscience a test At Male rats do They gave realized that mousesthat sexually active are fewer Anxious are

Lower blood pressure Top

researchers according to An experiment they reached to this conclusion sex Can blood pressure improve. sex At Diastolic blood pressurehas an effect

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Boosting immunity system
fight with Immune system problems Is; sex Can safety particle for direct object Increase.

Immunoglobulin A AntigenY That Your resistance in time Influenza Increasing And Sex is effective in this case

Burn calories
If Do you want to lose weight? Daily sex for the purpose of Fitness useful Apparently, you can 700 calories in the week Burn, of course, if the sex is daily

In the article in American sports magazine In August 2006 It has been published, the doctor Wieder confirms that sex bRai helps burn calories.


healthy heart
Sex calories it burns And Can Keep the heart healthy. prevention From stroke and heart attack

The study of scientists With Research institute New England they reached to this conclusion That Men 45 percent It is less likely that To Get cardiovascular diseases.

pain relief
Is Migraine and pain you have a body? Good The cure is sex. but if Do you have back pain? It’s better With a doctor consult.

the doctor George E. Erlich, an expert arthritis From Philadelphia A study on connection between Arthritis and Relation sexual done. they the pain experience less

Build trust and intimacy
Relation sexual Making hormones Oxytocin Is; this responsible hormone happiness and Love Is. This relationship makes couples trust each other more If Are you worried that life partner leave you, So don’t forget to have sex daily to prevent it.Oxytocin It is a hormone that the trust and creates intimacy


Cancer prevention
ejaculation regular Having prostate cancer reduces. At Men Australia That 21 They had sex once a month, Getting Cancer Prostate was much less. So the researchers came to the conclusion that sex Risk of cancer reduces.

Pelvic muscles strengthens
In a sexual relationship From Several muscles are used. therefore sex Regular can Pelvic muscles Make it stronger slow. Also, muscles are strengthened for example: Central and back muscles. through sex Daily , You can also a bladder Have a strong and intestine work well


Sex as It is exercise .increase of heart rate Leading to Increase Peace after Intercourse. sex Daily:
It gives peace therefore If Tired nowYou will sleep comfortably after sex
Men They become sleepy after ejaculation

Courses regular
Apparently sex Can Menstrual cycle Improve and it adjusts. Stressthat one of the reasons Women It is during menstruation reduces. It works for them It is better than pills.

life span
heart health, Stronger musclesIncrease blood circulation oxygen and happiness There are some factors That It is caused by daily sexual intercourse

A study that in the magazine British Medicine published it shows that Men who They have sex daily, their life span increases twice

seminal fluid Healthy
If You have decided to get pregnant , Volume seminal fluid increase If Regular sex you have. sex regular Alternatives sperm old ones testicles.

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam medical magazine and its use is allowed only by mentioning the source

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