15 golden keys to prevent colds

As the weather turns cold, the number of diseases such as flu and colds also increases constantly, and due to the contagiousness of these diseases, it is enough for only one person in the family to get them for all family members to be infected. But there are useful ways to prevent these diseases. Follow along with Dr. Salam.

The changes of the seasons prompt us to change our lifestyles according to the new weather conditions. For example, with the beginning of the cold season, especially in the winter season, our health feels the most threatened, and we always try not to get sick in the cold days of the year, because it is more difficult and sometimes more painful to get well in the cold winter. Now the question arises, what should we do to be safe from cold season diseases? In the rest of this report, we will introduce you to 15 ways to keep yourself healthy in the winter season, so that by knowing these tips, you will be less exposed to common diseases in the winter season.

Consuming more types of soups in winter

Undoubtedly, keeping the body warm in winter can be a good way to avoid cold and various diseases. Perhaps the best option to keep yourself warm is to always include soup in your meals. Undoubtedly, soups are one of the most suitable and nutritious foods for cold and dry days.

Use of rich and nutritious foods

The category of staying healthy, especially in the cold days of the year, has the status of features. Because certain types of diseases, such as colds and flu, are more common in the cold days of the year. Therefore, by eating nutrients such as; All kinds of nuts, natural oil seeds, dried fruits, dairy products, all kinds of meat and even the use of healthy fats, such as olive oil, insure your body against all kinds of diseases. The more your body is fed with natural and nutritious food, the more resistance it can show to diseases. Also, one of the other benefits of using rich and nutritious food is that it always keeps your body warm.

Use of different spices

Try to include spices in your food list along with rich and nutritious foods and always mix and eat them especially when cooking with nutrients. It is said that many spices have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Therefore, according to your taste, consume it with food.

15 golden keys to prevent colds

Use of vegetables and fruits

using the vegetables Whether with dark or light green leaves and different fruits, especially the fruits that are harvested in the cold days of the year, it is highly recommended because they are rich in nutrients and different types of vitamins. When our body does not face a shortage of vitamins and minerals, it can better resist all kinds of diseases. You can strengthen your immune system by consuming fruits, especially citrus fruits. Garlic, onion, ginger, cumin, oregano, and cinnamon are among the vegetables that are recommended to be consumed in winter. Of course, using berries in the cold days of the year can also be very useful.

Eliminate dry skin

In some areas, due to low humidity, people’s skin becomes pus and dry, so it is recommended to always keep your skin moist by using olive oil and other natural oils, because human skin is more sensitive to cold and dry weather conditions. He gets hurt.

More benefit from sunlight

As you know, the sun rises late and sets early during the cold days of the year, so you are less exposed to sunlight. In addition, due to the cloudy weather, less sunlight usually reaches us during the cold days of the year. With these interpretations, try to be more exposed to sunlight on sunny days so that you can absorb more nutrients from solar rays. If for any reason you can’t sunbathe well, try eating foods rich in Vitamin D. Make up for this deficiency.

enough sleep

Since the days are short and the nights are long in winter, you can make the most of this and try to go to bed earlier and sleep well for 7-8 hours in 24 hours. Don’t forget that our body rebuilds its internal organs during sleep, the more time the body is given, the better it can prepare itself to face a new day. But this article is not a reason to sleep more than you need, because sleeping too much alone can cause problems for you.

Use of vaporizers

Normally, there is not enough moisture on cold days in dry areas. Don’t forget that the higher the air humidity, the easier it is to breathe, so try to maintain some humidity in your home by using steam generators so that you can always breathe more cheerfully. You don’t have to use a steamer, using a kettle full of water on the stove can also provide steam for family members. Of course, the use of some aromatic substances can also make the interior of the house more comfortable, which raises the family’s mood.

15 golden keys to prevent colds

Also, using a vaporizer can moisturize the interior of the sinuses, this does not allow the sinuses and the interior of the nose to dry out too much, which can cause problems for you in some way. Also, using olive oil and even coconut oil and rubbing it on the dry membrane of the inner wall of the nose can make breathing easier.

Preventing ear infections

Using heated garlic oil and rubbing it on the opening of the ear can free you from annoying ear infections. Just be careful not to inject garlic oil into your ear using a dropper or any other device. Rubbing garlic oil at the opening of the external ear can be effective.

Use an air purifier

Due to the special weather conditions during the cold season, air pollution is usually more than other seasons of the year. Therefore, try to always keep the interior of your home clean and refined by using an air purifier. To be less exposed to various air pollutants. These pollutants can cause various respiratory and even heart problems in the body.

Using houseplants to purify the air

Since plants have the ability to produce oxygen and even purify the air, always use them in the indoor environment of your home. With a simple search, you can get to know the most useful and resistant types of houseplants and grow them indoors.

15 golden keys to prevent colds

Do not exercise on snow and ice

Since the presence of ice and snow on the ground can cause you to fall, try to avoid sports activities on days when the ground is covered with snow and ice. Injuries and even fractures and other injuries.

Special care for children

In the cold days of the year, due to the mentioned problems, children are more likely to be injured, so try to take special care of them while playing in the snow, and protect them with Sport Engage in sports or visit libraries and museums so that they are less exposed to injuries caused by sliding in snow and ice.

Maintaining the health of the intestines

You can increase the health and function of your gut by consuming foods that contain natural probiotics. Probiotic substances according to the beneficial bacteria they have. They can help the digestive system a lot. Because intestinal problems in the winter and going to the doctor, especially on snowy and icy days, can be very difficult and time-consuming.

High use of fish meat

Since fish meat is rich in vitamin D and A, you can use it as a supplement Great to use to replace sunlight. Also, fish oil can be very useful in keeping you warm in winter. Since fish can be cooked in different ways and in different ways, you can consume any kind and any way you like and make the most of its other rich benefits.

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