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150 Uses for Coconut Oil to Benefit Your Health

It is hard to believe that coconut oil can pretty much do anything you want it to do. The health benefits are endless, it can be put to use for practical home projects and can heal a myriad of health issues. It is completely natural, 100% affordable and can be found in your nearest grocery store. I like to keep a large container of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil in my cabinet so that I can use it whenever I please. I am never without this stuff!

Aside from the long list of uses of coconut oil, which I will provide you with shortly, let’s go over how anti-everything this miracle plant-based oil really is!

Anti-bacterial – monolaurin in coconut oil has long been known for its bug-fighting properties. It can protect against several kinds of bacteria and fungi while leaving the good bacteria alone.

Anti-carcinogenic – prevents the spread of cancer cells and enhances the immune system

Anti-fungal used in the treatment of fungal infections, such as candida and other fungi species

Anti-inflammatory – suppresses the effects of inflammation and helps repair tissue. Can inhibit harmful intestinal microorganisms that cause chronic inflammation. 

Anti-microbial – medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides in coconut oil are similar to those found in mother’s milk, giving this fruit its miraculous anti-microbial properties. Lauric acid found in coconut and its metabolite monolaurin also protect against infections from bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and parasites. 

Anti-parasiticthe fatty acids in coconut are anti-parasitic, helping to fight tapeworms, lice and other parasites

Anti-protozoa lauric acid in coconut is a powerful virus and gram-negative bacteria destroyer, and can kill off protozoal infections like giardia (a common protozoal infection of the gut)

Anti-viral can destroy lipid-coated viruses like HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, influenza and other viruses

Anti-retroviral can reduce viral load of HIV-AIDS patients

Antioxidant helps protect against free-radical damage and formation

Non-toxic to both humans and animals

Improves nutrient absorption (makes nutrients more readily available when combined with other foods)

What Kind of Coconut Oil Should You Use?

1. Make sure it is food grade coconut oil

2. Virgin (unrefined) coconut oil is best, especially if you are considering consuming it or applying it topically. Unrefined oil retains the most nutritional value during processing and is far superior to refined oil. Coconut oil that has been refined (expeller pressed) lost some of it’s health properties during the refining process and so should be used for projects around the house instead.

150 Uses For Coconut Oil:

Personal hygiene/body:

1. Age Spots: applying topically to age spots will help them fade

2. After Shave: great for razor burn, or putting on immediately after shaving to help heal skin and nourish the hair follicle

3. Body Scrub: mix coconut oil and himalayan sea salt and rub all over the body. You can also use sugar in place of salt. Rinse off and your skin will feel amazing!

4. Bruises: helps quicken healing time when applied directly to bruise area – reduces swelling and redness

5. Bug Bites: stops the itching and burning sensations associated with bug bites, and helps promote healing

6. Burns: apply to burn site, and continue applying until healed. This will hasten healing process and reduce chances of permanent scarring

7. Chapstick: coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and acts as a wonderful chapstick. It also has a natural SPF which protects our lips from the sun!

8. Dandruff: coconut oil helps to reduce itchiness and flaking of the scalp due to it’s incredible moisturizing properties. It helps to control oil secretion from the scalp too (another leading cause of dandruff)

9. Deodorant: coconut oil is great to use as a base for deodorant because it kills fungi, yeast and bacteria!

10. Diaper Salve: coconut oil is a great diaper cream. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and can heal and clear up a rash very quickly!

11. Eye Cream: coconut oil is great for hydrating gentle skin around the eyes. Dab some coconut oil around your eyes before bed and wake up with great looking eyes!

12. Hair Conditioner/Deep Treatment: coconut oil is one of the best natural hair conditioners. It is rich in fatty acids and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. Put 2 tsp. coconut oil into a cup and let this cup sit in a bath of hot water to help melt the coconut oil. Once melted, massage the coconut oil into your hair and leave it in your hair for one hour or overnight (best when massaged in damp hair – using a shower cap here is useful too). Rinse out your hair the next day with some apple cider vinegar and reveal glossy, conditioned hair!

13. Hair Gel/Defrizzer: coconut oil is a great alternative to conventional chemical-laden hair gels, and can be left in your hair all day!

14. Lubricant: this goes without saying – coconut oil is a wonderful lubricant. Use it in bed, but don’t use it with a condom as it may break down the plastics.

15. Makeup Remover: coconut oil will gently remove your makeup – place some on a cotton pad and rub away your makeup, and rinse after.

16. Massage Oil: coconut makes a great massage oil. Your skin will be glowing after!

17. Moisturizer: the best moisturizer for the skin is coconut! It is highly beneficial to the skin and doesn’t contain ingredients that you can’t pronounce, and shouldn’t be putting on your skin

18. Nipple Cream: coconut oil is the ideal nipple cream for nursing mothers who experience cracked, sore or bleeding nipples. It has wonderful healing properties and helps moisturize and soothe

19. Oily Skin Fix: use a pea sized amount of coconut oil in your T-zone (or other areas) and it will help fix any oily skin problems

20. Pre-Shave: coconut oil helps to prep the skin for any pending damage caused by shaving

21. Skin Issues: skin issues like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema or acne can be relieved by using coconut oil

22. Stretch Marks: due to it’s healing properties, coconut oil is great for nourishing damaged skin.

23. Sun Burn Relief: suffer from sun burn? Rub a bunch of coconut oil onto the affected area and watch it heal up in no time!

24. Sunscreen: coconut oil has a natural SPF and can be used in place of chemical-laden conventional sunscreens

25. Swimmers Ear: mixing coconut oil with some garlic oil and dropping this in your affected ear for 10 minutes can help clear up any infection. Doing this 2-3 times a day will help heal swimmers ear within 1-2 days

26. Tattoo Healing: using coconut oil on tattoos will help the pigment from fading. When used on new tattoos, coconut oil will hasten healing time and reduce any chance of infection

27. Toothpaste: mix coconut oil and baking soda for an all-natural, easy-to-use toothpaste!

28. Wrinkle Prevention & Reducer: coconut oil helps tighten and strengthen the skin and connective tissues, helping to bring back that youthful look!

Health and Wellness: (taken internally)

29. Breastfeeding: consuming 3-4 tbsp. of coconut oil daily (add to smoothies or tea) will enrich milk supply.

30. Bones and Teeth: coconut oil helps aid in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, which supports healthy bones and teeth.

31. Digestion: the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil help control parasites and fungi which cause indigestion and other digestion issues like irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals and amino acids.

32. Energy Booster: coconut oil helps boost energy and endurance. It is good if you are an athlete or perform any kind of workout.

33. Fitness: coconut oil stimulates your metabolism and improves thyroid function. These both help shed unwanted fat and increase muscle mass.

34. Insulin: coconut oil improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose, making it great for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

35. Lung Function: increases fluidity of cell surfaces.

36. Nausea: rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on your wrists is said to help ease symptoms of an upset stomach!

37. Nose Bleeds: rubbing coconut oil inside of your nostrils, especially when the weather is dry, can help strengthen and protect the fine capillaries in the nasal passages.

38. Oil Pulling: oil-pulling with coconut is a great way to help heal your teeth and gums. Coconut is anti-bacterial and can help get rid of gingivitis and other teeth-related issues.

39. Stress Relief: applying coconut oil to the head, and massaging in circular motions can help relieve mental fatigue.

40. Vitamin & Nutrient Absorption: coconut oil helps improve absorption of vitamins and minerals in the gut, and thus helps get rid of deficiencies you may suffer from

41. Weight Loss: coconut oil helps increase metabolic rate, and the healthy plant-based saturated fats contribute to weight loss and control cravings.

Health Problems: (taken INTERNALLY, coconut oil can help manage symptoms of these issues)

**click on each name to get more information

42. Acid Reflux/Indigestion 

43. Adrenal Fatigue 

44. Allergies 

45. Alzheimer’s/Dementia 

46. Asthma

47. Autism

48. Bowel Function

49. Bronchial Infections

50. Cancer 

51. Candida 

52. Cholesterol 

53. Chronic Fatigue 

54. Chron’s Disease 

55. Circulation

56. Colds and Flus 

57. Constipation 

58. Cystic Fibrosis 

59. Depression 

60. Diabetes 

61. Dysentery 

62. Eczema

63. Edema

64. Energy 

65. Epilepsy

66. Fever

67. Flaky, Dry Skin

68. Gallbladder

69. Gas

70. H. pylori 

71. Head Lice

72. Heart Disease

73. Hemorrhoids

74. HIV

75. Hot Flashes

76. Hyperthyroidism

77. Immune System Builder

78. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

79. Jaundice

80. Kidney Disease

81. Kidney Stones

82. Liver Disease

83. Lung Disease

84. Malnutrition

85. Mental Clarity

86. Menstruation Relief

87. Migraines

88. Mononucleosis

89. Osteoporosis

90. Pancreatitis

91. Parasites

92. Periodontal Disease & Tooth Decay

93. Prostate Enlargement

94. Rickets

95. Skin Problems

96. Scurvy

97. Stomach Ulcers

98. Toenail Fungus

99. Thrush

100. Thyroid Function 

101. Ulcerative Colitis

102. Under-active Thyroid Gland

103. Urinary Tract Infections

Health Problems: (Applied EXTERNALLY, coconut oil can help aid, relieve, or even cure these health issues)

104. Acne

105. Allergies/Hay Fever

106. Athletes Foot

107. Back Pain/Sore Muscles

108. Boils & Cysts

109. Canker Sores

110. Cellulite

111. Circumcision Healing

112. Decongestant

113. Ear Infection

114. Genital Warts

115. Gum Disease & Gingivitis

116. Herpes

117. Hives

118. Pink Eye

119. Ringworm

120. Toothache

121. Warts

122. Heals Digestive Disorders like IBS and colitis

123. Aids in Arthritis or Ligament Issues

124. Helps Eliminate Hairballs & Coughing

125. Promotes Healing of Cuts, Wounds, Bites & Stings

126. Clears up Skin Conditions (eczema, flea allergies, dermatitis, itchy skin)

127. Disinfects Cuts & Promotes Wound Healing

128. General Wellness – adding 1 tsp. to their water bowl daily can help get them all the benefits coconut oil has to offer

129. Prevents/Controls Diabetes

130. Energy Boost for Sedentary Animals – helps lethargic dogs and cats feel more energetic

131. Helps Reduce Weight, Increase Energy

132. Improves Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

133. Fur Improvement – makes coats become sleek and glossy

134. Deodorizer – helps deodorize doggy odor

135. Brain Enhancer – medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) improve brain energy metabolism and decrease amyloid protein buildup which results in brain lesions in older dogs

136. Prevents & Treats Yeast and Fungal Infections (like Candida)

137. Reduces Allergic Reactions and Improves Skin Health

138. Eliminates or Reduces Bad Breath in Dogs

139. Balances & Regulates Insulin and Promotes Normal Thyroid Function

Other Uses:

140. Removal of Chewing Gum From Anywhere: rub coconut oil over the stuck chewing gum and leave in for 30 minutes. Then, roll the gum between your fingertips and out it comes!

141. Metal Polish: rub a little bit of coconut oil into a cotton towel and gently wipe down the metal. When using this on bronze, it helps to deepen the colour of your bronze.

142. Furniture Polish: using a mix of coconut oil and lemon juice to polish wood furniture makes it look as good as new! Test a small area first to make sure you like the look.

143. Clean, Condition & Sanitize Wooden Cutting Board: coconut oil is a great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it great for sanitizing your cutting board. Use whenever the wood starts to look dry, or when it starts to smell a little off.

144. Season Cast Iron Pots & Pans: use coconut oil instead of lard or corn oil to season cast iron pots and pans and increase health benefits during each use.

145. Lubricator: for guitar strings and squeaky hinges and sticky mechanisms instead of WD-40.

146. Clean Soap Scum From Shower: use a small dollop of coconut oil on a damp cloth and rub away soap scum. Spray with apple cider vinegar (or any other vinegar) afterward and wipe dry with a cloth.

147. Clean Hands & Paint Brushes: after using oil-based paints, instead of using mineral spirits.

148. Clean & Condition Inside of Car: Add a small amount of coconut oil to a lint-free cloth. Rub in and wipe off any excess oil.

149. Soap Making: coconut oil is a wonderful base to use as the fat component in soap.

150. Goo Gone: mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda into a paste and apply to the “sticky” area and let sit for a couple minutes. Scrub off with an old toothbrush, or other scrubber and watch the goo be GONE!


Fresh cut coconut with little pot of coconut oil with text - 150 uses of coconut oil to benefit your hair, skin & health

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