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2 Simple Tips for Surefire Weight Loss

Many tips for weight loss have been around for decades, but the overweight population doesn’t seem to decrease.

I believe there are too many weight loss tips that cause the overweight to lose their focus. Are you one of them?

I sincerely wanted to help you melt those extra fats off.

So now, forget about those many weight loss tips you have come across. Stick to only these 2 tips religiously and you’re sure to lose weight without trying too hard.

Tip #1: Dietary Fiber Releases Fat-Burning Compounds

The easiest way to unwittingly gain weight is to eat food that is not fulfilling like meat, high-sugar meals, overly-processed refined food and other junk foods.

As they’re not fulfilling, you tend to eat more and this always leads to excessive calorie intake.

A fiber-rich meal can easily make you feel full so you’ll stop eating halfway through the meals. (But don’t waste food, store leftovers in fridge for later use.)

Dietary fiber also helps to delay emptying of stomach, extending the feeling of fullness.

As a result, the lesser you eat, the fewer calories you’ll consume.

You probably already knew those two functions of dietary fiber but they don’t seem important enough to drive you further to eat more fiber-rich food.

Now, here’s one that perhaps will pique your interest more and make you feel that adding more dietary fiber to your meals is a must.

Though dietary fiber does not digest in our stomach, it provides food for our friendly gut bacteria.

When these microbes feast on the undigested fibers from the vegetables, fruits or whole grains we eat, the undigested fibers ferment. Fermentation releases further nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids).

The extra vitamins and minerals that are extracted from the fibers help to make your body stronger. But the short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are not easy to get from food, can help to increase your metabolism.

A boost in your metabolism will stimulate the conversion of adipose tissue from white to brown. White fat stores whereas brown fat burns. This is the reason why increasing metabolism will burn body fat.

Hence, with more white fats turning into brown fats, you’ll have less stored body fats (white fats).

Which is why people like us (vegetarians and vegans) who make sure we must have vegetables and fruits and other whole foods on our plate every day find hard to gain weight. These foods are super rich in fiber.

So, count fiber in and your weight will drop. I guarantee.

Tip #2: Coconut Oil Boosts Your Weight Loss

Many talks about using coconut oil for weight loss. But how does coconut oil actually help you lose weight?

Its content of about 60% MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) are what make coconut oil a hit for weight loss.

Although they’re slightly longer than SCFAs, MCFAs actually function pretty much the same as SCFAs – they help to step up your metabolism.

In fact, consuming just more dietary fiber is powerful enough to melt your excess body fat like ice-cream in summer. But don’t you want to speed up the weight loss and get faster results?

I bet you’re dying for that.

So, besides cutting your intake of junk foods and increasing more fiber-rich foods on your plate, pour coconut oil over and mix it well with your food.

A gentle reminder for you. Never attempt to eat coconut oil straight from the jar especially on an empty stomach. This is because coconut oil may cause some bad side effects. The safe way to consume coconut oil is add it to food, always.

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