21st century, the century of disease identification

Science is progressing day by day and every year we witness the unveiling of new devices to diagnose diseases and also the treatment of diseases is determined. The century we live in is the 21st century, where science has reached a remarkable place and humans can Diagnose the cause of most diseases and treat it.

Dr. Kamran Jalali, post-doctorate in homeopathic medicine:

It has always been our wish that there was a device that could diagnose the cause of our chest pain. Or why does our stomach shoot? Or what is the cause of the progression of a disease or the involvement of different body organs in that disease? Also, another issue that may have occupied people’s minds in the field of health is what diseases they may inherit from their parents?! In the past, it was not possible to achieve any of these desires, or if it was, people had to try very hard to understand their problems to some extent, but with the advancement of science and the construction of a device called electroorganography, you can easily achieve all your desires in this field. . Dr. Kamran Jalali talks to us more about electroorganography.

What is the efficiency of the electroorganography device?

Until now, most of the tests done in medicine were quantitative tests, that is, they gave you a number that was used to check certain parameters. For example, the level of blood sugar, checking the presence of a mass and even checking whether there has been an infection? Is there an abnormal discharge and… which, as mentioned, emphasize more on quantitative issues, while this device examines more qualitative parameters, such as functional MRI (functional MRi), which shows brain function.

Is it possible to examine each organ of the body?

Until today, medical science has paid less attention to the words of health and has focused more on the disease. But by means of electroorganography, the level of health of the organs can be understood. In other words, this device is able to check a range from health to disease or the minimum and maximum pathogenic pressure for each person, so this device checks the function of different organs and provides a quantitative diagnosis about their health level, which can be said to be one of its unique advantages. to the person of this device.

Can the root of diseases be identified with this device?

Another interesting point is the examination of the body’s autonomic function, that is, the automatic nervous system, a system known as the sympathetic-parasympathetic system, which is also called the autonomic nervous system. This device controls the internal organs of the body without our will. For example, it checks heart rate, breathing rate, digestive system and bowel function, etc. Another undeniable advantage of this electroorganography system is that it can be a logical reason for all psychosomatic diseases (psychosomatic means psychosomatic, that is, when we are mentally disturbed, based on our genetic weaknesses, that psychological pressure is released and on the points Our weakness is released, like some who get heart palpitations due to anger).

An example to learn more about this device:
For example, some people are facing a heart problem (cardiac arrhythmia or heart rhythm instability) or their heart vessels are blocked and they have a lack of oxygen intake. These people show more problems in mental-psychological pressures and this device is able to check that in case of pressure, these problems have more occurrences or if this organ is primarily involved, for example, the heart.

What is the point that makes this device unique in the medical world?

Another interesting thing about this diagnostic device is that it can communicate between different parts of the body. Until today, medical science has not done anything special regarding the relationship between physical, mental and psychological issues, but rather tried to consider the problems from the organ itself, for example, the liver has become underactive or overactive, or stones have formed in the gall bladder, or it has become inflamed. Is,
But what is the root of this inflammation or abnormality has not been investigated yet.
But this system dynamically and at the moment shows the mental-psychological changes that cause damage to the body and which parts of the body, because this device has the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine and supports its philosophies, for example, suppressed anger, gall bladder or fear and panic, which specific organs are involved?!

What components does electroorganography use for more accurate diagnosis?

What is used in the Sina Supramolecular Medical Center is a device consisting of 6 electrodes, two of which are placed on the soles of the feet, two on the palms of the hands, and two electrodes on the person’s forehead. It also examines electromagnetic parameters with the help of complex and advanced computer algorithms. After that, low-frequency and low-voltage waves are introduced and the body’s reaction to these waves is recorded.

Does this device have any complications?

Due to the low intensity of the electromagnetic waves with low voltage and frequency that enter the patient’s body, there will be no complications for the person, just like the ultrasound machine, which will not be dangerous for the person. Also, this system has been approved by the US FDA, and medical science has concluded that these devices will be widely used with increased efficiency.

The device in the Sina Supramolecular Center will be exported to Europe in 2016 and has the most up-to-date technology of its kind.

Source: Elo Doctor

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