3 amazing foods that are necessary for a woman’s health and beauty

Hi doctor – In this article, I would To You 3 edible material to introduce that for health ladies It is essentialand has no limitations:

1. salmon

Fish Always An important part of It is human nutritionThis fish is very high in protein. Vitamins and minerals (Including potassium, Selenium and vitamins B12). Furthermore, Oily fish As, salmon, Contains acids Worthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 acid essential fatty is that by Body made Can’t and Must through diet receive to be. why U.S We need it ? Apparently, 30% of gray matter the brain We need to Omega 3 has it. So, Consumption this acid Regular To Capacity intellectual We helped and the risk of contracting cognitive decline the door elderly particle for direct object decreases. This is also from System Nervous and Cardiovascular We, MProtects from suffering problems As heart attackDon’t raise blood pressure and even From updated Prevent depression. Tryptophan, That the door salmon There is , soothing normal Is. This means Sleep well and have a good sleepSo Fish Trout particle for direct object To Diet plan add yourself

salmon Included 32 Amina hormone Polypeptide acid special in the name of Kelsey Tonin, Is. This element synthesis Increases collagen That It helps to strengthen the bones a lot, joints particle for direct object flexible and skin particle for direct object Young and straightens
It’s better salmon 2-3 times a week, use. you can the fish cooked, grilled, Boiled, Steamer do. here One order We teach salmon food

2 pieces salmon (250 grams) like this Cook do:

4 spoon soya sauce
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon olive oil

At least, one hour Before soya sauce Lemon juice, They put salt, vinegar, spices and fish meat in it Put in the refrigerator. Fry on both sides for 3 minutes

2. Parsley

Nutritional Value Parsley mostly It is underestimated. But its property is very unique and it is necessary to eat it . especially for People living in big citiesand also smokers, Why so destructive effects the environment Unhealthy neutralize he does.

Parsley Source Antioxidants Is And Keeps cells healthy. Eat this plant amazing It keeps the skin beautiful, smooth and healthy even without cream

To add Parsley to diet your daily Vitamin c Consumption do you for health Immune system It is essential . However, The most important element Y is that , Women, From through eating it folic acid They enter the body. this acid To cell It is very vital. folic acid also the door Cancer prevention it’s too importantespecially for Colon, The cervix is ​​very useful.

3. Oil smart

linseed oil From Plant linen built Is . This oil A good source of acid Omega 3 fatty is and All those who They use it Effect Wonderful take it hair and nails they see. oil consumption smart To boost Skin and to Good hair growth helps . Prevents nail breakage

Oil smart Omega 6 has it That rarely the door Other foods Can be found. acid omega fatty 6 an important role in Growth cell plays And totally To Brain and muscle It is essential. Soeveryday 1 tablespoon Soybean oil To salad add yourself

if scent and taste Soybean oil you do not like Instead Eat that linseed. If you want to eat it for the first time, it is better to use it in this way:

3 tablespoons Oatmeal
1 tablespoon Linseed
10 Mulberry
Lion Soy 1 cup

Mix all the ingredients and eat. We wish health to all women

This article was translated by the team of translators of Dr. Salam medical magazine and its use is allowed only by citing the source and address of

17 December 2014 10:52

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