3 amazing home remedies to tighten the skin

Is your skin weak? Many ways To Stiff Peeling There is. Cosmetic Surgery One of these ways Is. But، It’s very expensive Is. Thus, You can with Home remedies That Very effective And affordable are Try.
Mask Bananas and lemons

the banana could be as A mask Stiffener Skin to be used. Ripe bananas To tighten Skin Appropriate is. the banana Reached Crushed You can also 2 to 3 Drops from Lemon juice the door the banana Mashed add. Mix the two well. On the face And neck Stir for 15-20 minutes to dry. Wash the mask when it hardens This Mask را دو Times a week use

Banana-Lemon-Mask Mask کلم

کلم easily at home Available. Mask کلم one of the most effective Methods for tightening the skin. To prepare Mask Cabbage, کلم را Grate , To that honey and Add egg whites Mix all ingredients and apply this mask on face and neck and wash off 30 minutes later After a month, you will experience a magical result


almond oil

as we know That almond oil Rich in vitamins Good that is good for the skin Massage your face and neck with this oil before taking a shower

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