3 Healthy and Energizing Breakfast Replacement Smoothies

Re-energize and refresh your body with these 3 easy and super-healthy breakfast replacement smoothies! If you want an easy way to add more nutrients to your morning routine, then drinking smoothies is the way to go. They take less than 3 minutes to make, and will fuel your body much better than a cup of coffee and a donut.

Why are smoothies the perfect breakfast food?

– Take under 5 minutes to make

– Loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (if made proper)

– Make the perfect transition food for the digestive tract after a nights worth of fasting

– Provide beneficial glucose to the brain for improved mental clarity, acuity and overall function

– Help to further detox and cleanse the body

– Gently wake you up, without any later-day crashes, which are normally triggered by coffee and a high-protein (i.e., bacon and eggs) breakfast



– 2 cups organic blueberries

– 1 cup mango

– 1 cup spinach

– 3 pitted medjool dates

– 2 inches fresh ginger root

– 1 cup coconut water or filtered water

– 2 cups ripe pineapple
– 2 cups strawberries
– 2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
– 2 inches fresh turmeric root

– 3 ripe, spotty bananas
– 1 cup fresh almond milk
– 1 tbsp. lucuma powder
– 2 pitted medjool dates
– 1/2 tsp. fresh vanilla bean powder


For each smoothie, place the ingredients in a blender, and pulse-blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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