3 Liver Cleansing Juice Tonics To Remove Toxins From The Blood and Prevent Disease

We are bombarded daily with toxins that we acquire from our environment, food and stress. These 3 liver cleansing juice tonics will help remove those toxins to help cleanse and purify the liver and have it working at an optimal level once again.

The liver helps process nutrients in our food, makes bile, removes toxic substances from the body and is involved in the building of proteins. When the liver stops functioning properly, nutrients are no longer effectively processed and we become vitamin and mineral deficient.

A major function of the liver is to help remove toxins from the blood – if it isn’t working properly and these toxins stay stuck in the blood, they are re-absorbed into our cells and accumulate, which eventually form problems that manifest as different diseases and illnesses.

Here are a variety of reasons why you should cleanse the liver: lose weight, eliminate liver stones, detox the body, increase your energy, look and feel 5 years younger, less mood swings, reduction in anxiety, less bloating and gas, eliminate headaches, improve mental clarity and acuity, get rid of age spots on the skin, reduce bruising, improve digestion, less abdominal pain and swelling, improvement in stool quality, clears up fatty liver disease.

These 3 liver cleansing juices will help cleanse and repair the liver to get it to start functioning properly again. Drink these juices once a day, and rotate them every day. For example, drink juice 1 on monday, juice 2 on tuesday and juice 3 on wednesday, and repeat.

3 Liver Cleansing Juice Tonic Recipes


Juice 1:

– 1 bunch dandelion greens
– 3 apples
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 2 kiwis, peeled
– 1 inch fresh ginger root

Juice 2:

– 2 large beets
– 1 cup red grapes
– 1 inch fresh ginger root
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 4 stalks celery

Juice 3:

– 3 large carrots
– 1 cup mango
– 2 oranges, peeled
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 1 inch fresh ginger root
– 1 inch fresh turmeric root


For each juice, run the ingredients through a juicer and enjoy immediately for maximum effect.

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