3 simple ways to prepare a chamomile face mask at home

Hi Dr. – Do you want to have radiant skin? And do you want to do it in a cheap and harmless way? So you should use chamomile flower mask if you do not know how, in this section we will teach you how to do it at home.

We must first say why we chose chamomile flowers. This is because chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve skin inflammation. Usually, if you have dry skin, a facial scrub moisturizes and softens the skin

Now that you know why we use chamomile, learn the recipe to make and use it at home.
The first mask on the list

“> Chamomile oatmeal mask Is, oatmeal Contains salicylic acid which is a good exfoliator.


“> 1 teaspoon of baking soda
2 tablespoons white sugar

“> طرزتهیه:

In a bowl, pour the barley, baking soda, and honey If the mixture is too dry, add more tea. Mix the mask Then wash and moisturize

We teach the second chamomile mask that eliminates skin inflammation And white sugar destroys dead skin cells.


“> ½ Cup of white sugar

“> How to prepare:

Pour white sugar and olive oil and mix well. Wash your face with warm water “> 10-20 minutes later, wash your face with cold water


The last recipe for a face mask on this list is a chamomile almond mask that helps whiten the skin

“> Chamomile tea bag
“> 2 tablespoons honey

“> طرزتهیه:

Pour honey, oatmeal, almond oil and honey and mix well. “>
This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam Medical Journal and its use is allowed only by mentioning the source

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