4 masks for beautiful and clear skin

Banana anti-aging mask


Bananas are fully ripe

Honey 1 tablespoon jam

Licorice powder 1 tsp

Sea floor powder 1 tsp

Rose as needed

How to prepare

Mash the bananas thoroughly. Then add sea floor powder and licorice. Then add rose water to make a paste and finally add honey. This mask can be used for all skin types. But if you do not have the patience to do any of the above, do just a few things before going to a party. Mash some bananas, add the grated potatoes and apply on your whole face, neck and arms for 20 minutes.

If you have dry skin, add a little cream.

Pumpkin nourishing mask


Cooked squash 2 tbsp

Honey 1 tablespoon stuffed

1 egg yolk

How to prepare

Mash the cooked squash thoroughly. Then add egg yolk and honey and apply on the whole face once a week for 30 minutes to refresh the skin. This mask is suitable for normal and dry skin for any age. It is recommended to apply this mask especially a few hours before makeup.

Carrot mask and olive oil for the beauty of the hands


Carrot juice 2 tbsp

2 tablespoons olive oil

Licorice powder 1 tbsp

How to prepare

Thoroughly mix fresh carrot juice with licorice powder. Then add the olive oil. Put on the back of a clean hand for 30 minutes. This mask not only eliminates wrinkles on the back of the hands, but also reduces its opacity.

Fenugreek lotion to relieve fatigue and inflammation of the eyelids


Fenugreek seeds 20 g

Distilled water 150 cc

Spring Sweat 40 cc

How to prepare

Grind the fenugreek seeds so that they turn into powder. Then pour boiling distilled water on it and put it with the lid closed to cool. Then add spring sweat to it. It is necessary to keep the solution in dark glass with the lid closed in a dull environment.

Dip two cotton swabs into the solution and place it on the closed eyelid. .

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