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4 Natural Cancer Treatments and 12 Preventative Strategies

Over the last 100 years many natural cancer treatments have been successfully used to treat patients in the US and other countries. Many of the physicians and researchers who reported these findings were professionally ruined for “defying” the medical system. This day in age, anyone who speaks of “natural methods” of curing cancer are regarded as “quacks,” which has essentially become a synonymous term with “competition” in regards to the medical industry.

With the exorbitant amounts of money bottle-nosed into cancer research today, you would think that survival would be higher than the two out of three cancer patients who die within 5 years of receiving standard cancer treatment (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy). This isn’t surprising. After all, only one of these three standard cancer treatments is non-toxic (aka. surgery), with the other two being carcinogenic themselves. Studies have actually shown that chemotherapy is only useful in about 1 in 20 cases (aka. 5% chance of success).

It should be noted that pharmaceutical companies have no interest in making drugs from natural agents because they cannot patent nature. This means that these companies try to protect themselves (and their profits) at all cost by preventing the truth about effective natural treatments from reaching the public. You think these companies are protecting YOU? Better think twice – they are simply protecting themselves, and the medical monopoly as a whole. Thanks to PDUFA, the FDA is now primarily funded by drug companies and so ANY competition via natural cancer treatments are put to shame and shoved under the rug. Meanwhile, 1.66 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2013. 

Here is a list of four natural cancer treatments, and 12 preventative strategies you can take to help prevent yourself from developing cancer.

12 Preventative Strategies To Prevent Cancer:

1. Avoid GMOs & Choose ORGANIC

GMOs are modified foods which were not meant to be consumed in the first place – modified foods are unrecognizable by the body and thus are treated as “foreign” and toxic. Remove these from your diet and replace them with natural organic foods.

2. Eat high-raw (at least 50-70% raw)

Eating a high raw diet will help alkalize your body and reduce the acidic environment which cancer thrives in.

3. Eliminate processed/junk food

Processed foods and junk food do not nourish our body, and create an environment for cancer growth. This includes things like soda, donuts, candy, chocolate bars, fast food joints, chips, etc.

4. Reduce or eliminate eating animal products

Animal products are extremely acidic to the body. Trying to reduce these or minimize them in your diet is a good step toward maintaining an alkaline state, which cancer cannot thrive.

5. Consider enzyme therapy

Enzymes are critical to how our body processes nutrients and strengthens our immune system. Eating mostly raw foods will ensure enzymes in the food are not broken down – taking a good quality enzyme is a must for most individuals consuming an SAD (standard american diet).

6. Exercise (high intensity and low intensity)

Studies have shown that exercise helps alter immune cells into more potent-fighting disease cells which helps beat off cancerous growths.

7. Vitamin D from sunlight (or supplement if you must – aka. those who live in Northern winter climates)

There is evidence that if you optimize your vitamin D levels with more sun exposure then you can reduce your risk of cancer by more than HALF!

8. Proper sleep

Poor sleeping patterns can lead to reduced melatonin production and an overall reduction in your immunity (melatonin is one of the body’s most important antioxidant!)

9. Stress reduction techniques

Stress is a major cause of disease and illness. In fact, over 85% of diseases are driven by stress.

10. Breathing exercises

This one relates to point #9 – learning to sit still for even 10-15 minutes a day and focus on your breathing will help reduce stress and increase oxygen levels in your body (something cancer HATES!)

11. Reduce toxin & radiation exposure

Reduce your exposure to cell phone towers and bases, x-rays, CT scans, pesticides, herbicides, household cleaners, toxic cosmetics and the like.

12. Learn to LOVE

Remove all barriers and learn to LOVE – be vulnerable, be open, and open your heart space!

4 Natural Cancer Treatments:

1. Cannabis

There is much controversy amongst cannabis curing cancer, mainly because of it’s label as an “illegal drug.” Aside from this label, the evidence is clear that this plant has outstanding power at fighting cancer – many individuals have cured themselves of the disease using cannabis as a natural treatment. The main theme of these articles is that cannabis shrinks tumours and selectively targets cancer cells making them undergo apoptosis (cell death).

Being able to cure cancer completely, without having to use any harmful chemotherapy or radiation (which literally make the body even more sick, and increase our risk of death), is something cannabis has been routinely shedding light on (and is proven in a majority of articles). In fact, over 34 medical studies have proven that cannabis cures cancer. The list below proves just that (list sourced from the lovely website – I suggest you go check out their blog!):

Cures Brain Cancer

Cures Mouth & Throat Cancer

Cures Breast Cancer

Cures Lung Cancer

Cures Uterine, Testicular, & Pancreatic Cancers

Cures Prostate Cancer

Cures Colorectal Cancer

Cures Ovarian Cancer

Cures Blood Cancer

Cures Skin Cancer

Cures Liver Cancer

Cures Biliary Tract Cancer

Cures Bladder Cancer

Cures Cancer in General

2. Soursop

In 1976, the anti-cancer activity of graviola leaves (soursop’s alternate name is graviola) was first noted by the National Cancer Institute, stating that “The NCI, or the National Cancer Institute did some research on the guanabana cancer cure [sic] and came up with some interesting results. The study…showed that the leaves and stems of the plant were incredibly efficient at destroying certain cancerous cells in the body.” This study was not publicly released, however, subsequent research on graviola conducted at Purdue University has proven promising results.

Much of Purdue’s research focused on the anti-tumour properties of annonaceous acetogenins. Oberlies, Chang, and McLaughlin found that tumour cells that are resistant to chemotherapy treatment, or, multi-drug resistant (MDR) cells, were effectively destroyed by acetogenins. MDR cells develop resistance to all chemotherapy treatments, leaving the patient at a dead end. MDR cells require incredible amounts of cellular energy (Adenosine triphosphate; ATP) in order to rid themselves of these chemotherapeutic drugs. This made MDR cancer cells prime targets for acetogenins that were found to effectively block ATP transfer into these cells, inhibiting their function in a way that eventually leads to cell death.

It is important to note as well, that researchers who have explored the mechanisms used by graviola are only  specific to cancerous cells, and not healthy cells. Why? Because cancer cells have a consistently higher level of cellular activity, and thus produce a much higher level of ATP, and is better recognized and targeted by the acetogenin molecules. This is of benefit to the user since chemotherapy targets BOTH normal (such as stomach and hair cells) and cancerous cells, causing the often devastating side effects of nausea, weight loss, hair loss, and overall low quality of life for cancer patients. Graviola only targets cancerous cells, thus our other cells are left untouched.

One study conducted at the Catholic University of South Korea and published in the Journal of Natural Products stated that graviola was 10,000 times more effective against cancer than the popular chemotherapy drug, Adriamycin. A second study from South Korea showed that graviola had no negative activity on healthy cells (unlike the devastating effects Adriamycin has on the body), as we saw previously.

3. Lei Gong Teng

This plant’s ability to cure cancer only recently came into light when researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Centre found that compounds from this plant wiped out pancreatic tumours in mice, and showed no signs of tumours after 40 days or after discontinuing the treatment.

The natural compound, triptolide, found in lei gong teng, has been shown in numerous studies to induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancerous cells. In one study, the apoptosis induced by triptolide was mediated by up-regulating the expression of a gene associated with apoptosis called caspase-3 and bax, making triptolide a potential treatment for cancers of the pancreas.

“This drug is just unbelievably potent in killing tumour cells,” said Ashok Saluja, a vice chairman of research at the Masonic Cancer Centre. “You could see that every day you looked at those mice, the tumour was decreasing and decreasing, and then just gone.

Unfortunately, researchers have now found a way to isolate triptolide into a new drug called minnelide, which is a modified form of the diterpenoid compound triptolide, isolated from the thunder god vine. Under normal circumstances, Big Pharma would not be able to make any money off the thunder god vine, since you cannot patent nature. With this new drug, minnelide, however, Big Pharma will get a big FDA stamp of approval which will allow the newly patented, nutritionally ruined triptolide to be sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Instead, just take the herb itself! There is no need for isolating compounds from a plant, when you can simply purchase the plant itself and consume it fresh and un-tampered.

4. Mangosteen

The variety of phytonutrients in mangosteen are plenty. In fact, the mangosteen is one of the only fruits that contain high levels of xanthones (xanthones are found in small amounts throughout nature, however it is most concentrated in the mangosteen rind)What are xanthones? They are a class of plant derived nutrients that hold tremendous nutritional value – there are over 20 varieties of them, however, the most widely studied are Alpha Mangostin and Gamma Mangostin.

Many Laboratory studies have conclusively found the ability of xanthones to eradicate and destroy cancer cells. Xanthones both destroy cancer and stop tumour development at each stage of the cancer forming process.

Click HERE for access to a few of the many performed studies on this fruit’s amazing cancer curing abilities!


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