4 steps to having healthy hair

Do you wash your hair every day with the shampoo you got from the pharmacy? Maybe you damage your hair more yourself. Here are some tips on how to get your hair repaired again to have healthier hair.
Massage the head with the foam, wash and repeat. It may take a few years, but if you want to have healthier hair, this is not the best method to follow. Regular washing HairThe shampoo you bought from the supermarket contains harsh cleansers that irritate the scalp and deprive your hair of the oils it needs to stay healthy, soft and well-groomed. Here to explain how to wash HairWe pay to repair them.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo

What’s wrong with regular shampoo bottles in the supermarket? Although economically viable, they are likely to contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, which are labeled as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. While this detergent helps make foam products, it also deprives you of healthy oil, makes it dirty and brittle, and is difficult to control. To avoid these effects, look for a shampoo containing low or no sulfate, which, without removing the oil, HairCleans. It is difficult to find sulfate-free shampoo in pharmacies, so ask your hairdresser to recommend a suitable shampoo.

Use less shampoo

Most hairdressers recommend that HairWash your hair once or twice a week. Why? Washing the head with any type of shampoo, even with sulfate-free shampoos, removes oil from the scalp and causes dry hair and scalp. What is abundant are conditioning products such as gels and sprays Hair They are water soluble, so you do not need shampoo to wash your hair to stay healthier and softer. Although washing your hair once or twice a week may make your hair look greasy at first glance, it will not be like this for a week or two and your hair will become softer and healthier.

Style your hair every day

You do not need to use conditioner first. Daily styling helps protect and moisturize hair while keeping hair rough Hair Surrounded. People have been doing this for years. Instead of other methods, we have to style our hair every day. People with curly hair enjoy the daily benefits of doing so, as they soften their tangled curly hair and do not look tangled. Just wet your head under the shower, apply some emollient and then rinse.

Choose wisely

Not all shampoos, even low-sulfate or sulfate-free shampoos, are suitable for all hair types.

What can we do to have beautiful and shiny hair?

1. Exercise.
Spend time exercising daily. Sport Exercising even for a few minutes increases blood flow to the scalp and transports oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, which promotes healthy hair.

2. Avoid rapid weight loss.
The bitter truth is that diet does cause hair loss anyway. Rapid weight loss for the body is like a shock that changes the body’s metabolism and growth Hair it is affect. If you lose more than ten percent of your body weight in a month, you will lose hair (about 7 kg). In addition, lack of nutrients causes weakening and brittleness of hair strands and stops hair regrowth.

3. Avoid low protein diets.
97% of hair is made up of protein. If you are a vegetarian, note that enough Protein Consume. Diets that use only rice and fruit do not provide enough protein for healthy hair.

4. If you are a smoker, quit smoking now.
Cigarettes It produces free radicals, injects toxins into the bloodstream and transports nutrients to Hair And the scalp is disturbed.

5. Avoid stress.
Stress is directly related to hair loss. Chronic stress disrupts blood flow to the scalp, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the hair follicles. Stress, both physical and mental, prevents hair growth and hair loss within two to three months Hair It reaches its peak. Fortunately, this loss and hair loss can be compensated again by improving the mental condition.

6. Copper
Copper in addition to its role in the structure of the stem Hair It is also vital in hair color. Because copper is essential for the formation of hemoglobin, it is also essential for delivering oxygen to the hair follicles. Copper deficiency in the body often occurs due to genetic problems or lack of zinc supplements, which may be inherited.

7. Selenium
To have healthy hair, we definitely need selenium because it is a mineral necessary for the scalp. Selenium protects cells from free radical damage Hair Gives softness and elasticity. At the same time, excessive consumption of selenium causes hair loss. Nuts are a good source of selenium. Other sources of selenium include tuna, wheat bread, wheat germ, garlic, eggs, and brown rice.

8. Silicon

This element is found in abundance in nature. The more minerals we extract from the soil, the lower the amount of silicon in nature. Body silicone is found in skin and hair. Silicone is important for the health of the scalp and strengthens the fibers Hair Becomes. High-fiber diets contain significant amounts of silicon, which is found mostly in legumes. Silicon is also found in bananas, vegetables, rice, soy and other foods.

9. Sulfur
Sulfur is an important mineral and contains “cystine”, one of the amino acids that is effective in hair growth. Sulfur helps keep hair thick and long, and helps with many foods, including eggs, meat, dairy fish, onions and garlic.

10. Roy
Zinc is important for healthy hair because zinc deficiency causes hair loss and even eyelashes. Deficiency on the scalp dries and scales. Zinc, like an antioxidant, protects the scalp (and other parts of the body) from free radical damage. Many people are deficient in zinc, but taking supplements puts the body in a state of balance between zinc and copper. Yogurt contains a lot of zinc. Other foods that contain zinc include; Seafood, beef, egg, Cereals and nuts.

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