4 tricks to increase the beauty of women

Women follow beauty tips and tricks for various reasons. One of their most important demands is how to reduce dark circles under the eyes using the same tricks because dark circles under the eyes make their face look tired, dull and older than normal. Obviously, no woman wants to experience such a situation. Experts in this field believe that the best way to prevent this problem is to use eye cream daily and regularly.

However, if for any reason you want to fix this problem as soon as possible, you can get help from a special trick; Hide dark circles under the eyes with lipstick. It may seem strange, but the tool that helps you in this situation is really red lipstick. Red lipstick can act as a skin color corrector and even have up to 2 times more effect than the products themselves. The shade you create with lipstick has a dark purple color. It neutralizes the dark circles under the eyes and thus acts as a kind of double color corrector.

To do this trick, you must first gently apply red lipstick around the eyes, then use an eye shadow brush to spread it completely. In this case, red streaks are still visible, but do not worry at all. Remove the makeup sponge, apply a light layer of concealer on it and cover the red streaks. If your skin is very light, peach lipstick is much better for you. People with darker skin should also use red lipstick with orange tint.

Remember that before the final execution of this trick, you must first try it like all other tricks to fully learn how to do it. So, try to create different shades using lipstick to finally achieve the best combination for your skin.

۲. Fresh skin with apple cider vinegar

We all know that adding apple cider vinegar to the diet is really good for health, but few people know that this vinegar can be used in beauty tricks for women. One of the properties of apple cider vinegar is that it acts as a natural toner or skin rejuvenator. Many experts today recommend the use of apple cider vinegar as part of an anti-aging skin regimen.

However, you may ask why not use packaged toners available in the market and go for apple cider vinegar ?! Toners generally help to restore the skin’s pH level to a balanced and natural state, but many toners on the market contain alcohol, which unfortunately dries the skin too much. Fortunately, apple cider vinegar is completely natural and does not have this negative property. Of course, before using apple cider vinegar as a skin toner, you must dilute it with water. Do not forget that the ratio of water to vinegar in this work should always be 3 to 1.

3. Strengthen hair with beer

When it comes to beauty tricks for women, few can guess the use of drinks like classic beer in this area. However, believe it or not, classic malt can help keep hair healthy because it revitalizes weak hair follicles. As you may know, as you get older, your hair becomes thinner and this can destroy the natural volume of your hair. However, it is said that classic malt can thicken and fill the hair strands and return the hair volume to its natural state.

The natural hops and atmospheres used in the preparation of classic malt contain valuable nutrients for the hair. To do this trick, you have to take a spray bottle and mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of classic malt with half a cup of water. Then, when you wash your hair in the bathroom with shampoo, apply some of this mixture on your hair. Next, massage it well to get a little root to the hair. Let the mixture stay on the hair for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing. Finally, rinse it to remove it from the hair.

4. Prevention of facial wrinkles with the help of Peptobsimol

One of the strangest beauty tricks for women that may not occur to anyone is to use Pepto Bismol as an anti-aging skin mask. Some people may have used Pepto Bismol to relieve stomach upset, but we would like to recommend using it as a face mask that enhances the appearance of the face. This popular antacid contains a special antibacterial element called bismuth subsalicylate, which is similar to an anti-acne element called salicylic acid.

Research has shown that bismuth sub-salicylate helps reduce skin inflammation and open clogged pores, and accelerates the formation of new skin cells. It is true that not all beauty tricks work in practice, but many people have really used these tricks and got positive results. After using a peptobsimol mask, they noticed an improvement in redness of the skin and adult acne. We recommend that instead of using your fingers, use a perfectly clean foundation brush to use the Peptobsimol mask.

To do this, you need to spread a thin, light layer of peptobsimol evenly all over your face, leaving no gaps or inconsistencies. Let this mask stay on the face for about 10 minutes and finally wash it off with lukewarm water. Note that you should not use hot or cold water to wash the mask. Then dry the skin of the face with a towel and then be sure to apply moisturizer to the skin.

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