5 eating habits that can increase the risk of diabetes

Eating foods like grains and meat is not as harmless as you think. Today, more than 30 million people worldwide are affected Diabetes And this disease is the leading cause of death of more than seventy-nine thousand people a year.Diabetes Type 2 is caused by insulin resistance (a hormone that controls blood sugar levels) and occurs when the body cannot use insulin properly.

Some of the issues that can cause insulin depletion include disability, obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and regular eating of high-glycemic foods that raise blood sugar. But there are other cases that are less addressed and can increase the risk of developing this disease. For example, these five eating habits may seem harmless, but the habit of using them can lead to Diabetes Increase type 2.

1. Eat only starchy vegetables

It is better to include vegetables in our diet. They provide a combination of healthy nutrients and produce antioxidants based on new findings, and antioxidant production can reduce the risk of Diabetes Type 2 help. However, do not eat starchy vegetables with carbohydrate-rich foods. for example Rice Do not eat with potatoes. While high levels of starch do not directly increase the risk of diabetes, they can lead to weight gain and high blood sugar, both of which can lead to Diabetes Are, help.

So keep a balanced diet of all foods. Many people consider vegetables such as sweet potatoes, corn and peas that are high in starch, but if you are trying to regulate your blood sugar, you need to cut out all carbs. Get to know. To ensure that each meal is balanced, fill half of your plate with products that do not contain starch, and then fill the other half with protein and starchy grains and vegetables.

2. Regular use of dried fruits

It may seem like a healthy snack, but they can cause high blood sugar and do not satisfy your hunger like fresh fruit. If you eat a whole apricot, you may feel full at times, but if you eat a dried apricot, you will probably have to eat some of it to be full, which means you have consumed more sugar. When you dry a fruit, it’s a lot of fiber that satiates and helps regulate Blood sugar You can reduce it. Occasionally eating dried fruit as a snack will not hurt you, but it is recommended that you eat enough dried fruit or use fresh apples or juicy grapes instead.

3. Eating nuts is not enough

According to a study in Sweden, healthy unsaturated fats in nuts and seeds help prevent type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. Walnuts in particular may inhibit the part of the brain involved in appetite control. Using them as a snack in the afternoon helps to resist snacks containing sugar or drinks that increase the risk of diabetes.

4. Excessive consumption of red meat

Although red meat is commonly associated with an increased risk of heart disease, there is evidence that eating it even in very small amounts can increase the risk of developing Diabetes Be. Daily consumption Red Meat With an increase of 19% Diabetes Type 2 is related. Daily consumption of healthy protein sources such as nuts, low-fat dairy or whole grains instead of red meat reduces type 2 diabetes by 35%.

5 eating habits that can increase the risk of diabetes

5. Buy processed foods instead of fresh foods

Findings show that daily consumption of processed red meat has a 15% risk Diabetes Increases the high levels of preservatives and sodium in processed meat can play a role.

So what should we consume instead?

Look for a reduction in protein, whether from an animal source or other sources, and avoid meat that is significantly processed beyond its original form, such as fried chicken. But it’s not just processed meat. If you want the risk of progress Diabetes Reduce, it is better often, choose whole foods including whole grains, research has shown that diets Whole grains, The probability of Diabetes reduces. However, those rich in refined carbohydrates increase this risk. Many manufacturing companies adhere to health standards in grain production. But if you look at their nutritional information, the fiber in it is very small. Whole grains, like oats, contain fiber that slows digestion and lowers blood sugar. They are also rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that fix Diabetes it helps.

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