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5 Effective Tips for Acne Prevention on Face

If you don’t want to freak out before your mirror when acne flares up on your face, pick up these acne prevention tips now.

Tip #1 – Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Our skin pores are open at all times due to our warm body temperature. And so, your pores can act like some small pits that “collect” dirt, dust and other micro-particles in the air.

It gets worse when your face is particularly oily. Every bad stuff will get stuck inside and clog up the pores. It won’t be long before a zit pops up and then followed by others – an acne flare.

Therefore, you should wash your face twice daily to prevent acne. No need to be too often as this might hurt your skin instead of helping.

For example, adverse reaction like an acne breakout might be the harsh result of frequent washing.

When washing your face, avoid chemical-laden facial wash. Use a natural facial wash instead. If you need suggestion, then try using coconut oil to wash your face.

Washing face with coconut oil? Why not? People use coconut oil for daily skin care and it works well. If coconut oil can benefit skin, you can definitely wash your face with it. It can even help to remove your makeup effectively before washing your face with it.

Tip #2 – Change Your Pillow Case Every Week

An oily skin tends to have more skin flakes (dead skin cells). These flakes, together with your skin oil can get transferred over to your pillow case when you turn and toss.

What’s even grosser is that the combo will then mingle with the dust on your pillow case and “print” back onto your face. Yuck!

That’s why your face looks so much dirtier in the morning. And of course, this can easily trigger acne.

Hence, you need to change your pillow case more often for acne prevention on your face. Once a week should be good enough.

But if your face is super oily, you might want to consider twice a week for a better acne prevention.

Tip #3 – Get Enough Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is not enough. You need quality sleep as well. By quality, it means that you’re able to sleep deeply and soundly.

And of course, the timing is important.

When you stay up late at night for some reasons, you’ll realize that your face gets very oily easily. This is a signal from your body telling you that it’s time to hit the sack.

Learn to go to bed by 11 PM especially if you need to wake up early like 6 AM or even 5 AM for work. 6-7 hours of quality sleep daily is powerful enough to make your face less oily and less acne-prone.

One of the best and most effective tips for acne prevention on face.

Tip #4 – Adequate Water Intake

If you get constipated due to insufficient water intake, the toxins from the toxic waste can fall back into your system.

Once the toxins amass to a certain amount, they can overload your liver. Your liver helps to regulate sebum production.

Which means that the toxic overload on your liver can lead to excessive sebum production. And that will make the skin on your face awfully oily and acne-prone.

In a nutshell, inadequate water intake can lead to constipation that causes acne.

Therefore, you should always remind yourself to drink more water for acne prevention.

Tip #5 – More Whole Food

I don’t know what kind of diet you’re having. So long as you increase your intake of whole food, especially fruits and vegetables, you’ll realize your skin gets less oily and of course, less acne-prone.

It just gets better.

That’s because whole food carries plenty of nutrients that are good for liver health. If your liver functions properly, so will be your sebum production. And your skin will benefit. Remember?

In short, a bad diet (like junk food) can cause acne while a good diet (like a raw vegan diet) can prevent acne.

Oh, if you want to further strengthen your acne prevention on face, add coconut oil to your diet.

This tropical oil can help improve your liver’s ability to regulate sebum production. Which is why so many people are starting to use coconut oil for acne treatment nowadays.

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