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5 Exercises to Correct Bad Posture From Sitting Too Much

We already know that sitting too much is not good for our bodies. It can lead to pain or stiffness in our muscles and joints. Your body needs to move to be healthy.

Too much sitting contributes to your risk of type 2 diabetes and premature mortality, among other things (1). Breaking up our sitting times with movement can be beneficial even if we do end up sitting for several hours within a day (2).

In this article, we’ll go over five specific exercises that are important for maintaining muscular activation for basic mobility and posture, even if you don’t do much else outside of the gym.

Why Sitting Too Much Destroys Posture

If you find that you
are not moving as much as you used to before isolation, then
consciously incorporating more movement into your daily life is
important. This
can be as simple as
going for a walk or
puttering about in the garden.
Movement is essential to
our health.

However, you may find that with time, even if you do regular movements, sitting too much also leads to the weakening of some muscles simply from lack of use as we melt forward into our phones, laptops, and steering wheels.

When we sit too much there are parts of the body that become weak, even though we need them for basic advantages like holding a good posture and creating more strength and stability in our arms and legs.

I see muscular strength disappear all the time in my clients with office jobs, even before self-isolation was imposed. Their core becomes so weak they can’t hold a correct posture for more than a few seconds, and they can’t squat to pick up their kids without putting their back or knees at risk. These are yet more reasons we need to move!

That’s where I come in, showing them exercises that can get them moving in safe and effective ways even when they can’t come to the gym for regular workouts.

How Do I Know if I Have Bad Posture?

So how do you know if you need to incorporate specific exercises to counteract too much sitting?

Read the symptoms below to see if you can relate to any of these experiences.

  • Your shoulders cave in towards chest when you sit.
  • You have difficulty sitting with good posture -it may feel weird, sore, or unnatural.
  • You feel stiff when you stand up from a sitting position.
  • You cannot squeeze your butt cheeks on command while sitting.
  • You have difficulty lifting your arms from straight down at your sides, forward into the air, and ending above your shoulders.
  • You have difficulty pulling your shoulder blades back towards one another while sitting or standing.
  • Your knees cave in towards one another when you squat.
  • Your heels lift off the floor when you squat.

If you experience any of these symptoms, and they are not the result of a known injury, then you may be sitting too much.

5 Exercises to Correct Bad Posture to Undo the Damage of Sitting

Here are 5 exercises that can help keep supportive muscles from weakening due to excessive sitting. You’ll find them helpful whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned gym rat on quarantine.

1. Superman

Why: This exercise engages lower back muscles that often become weak with prolonged sitting.

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