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5 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake At Night

We all having trouble sleeping sometimes and often we can attribute our bad nights sleep to typical things that keep us awake at night  Things like coffee, stress, body pains, snoring, and alcohol. But what about those nights you are kept awake but just have no idea why. Perhaps it was one of the following five things stopping you from getting a good nights rest.

Check out the list below and get a better night sleep tonight!

1. Decaffeinated Coffee & Some Teas

All of us should know not to drink coffee right before bed, but what most of us don’t know is that decaffeinated coffee also contains caffeine. It may not be enough to keep many of us awake, but some people may definitely be affected by this level of caffeine. Also, when having a tea before bed, always make sure you check the label to see if it is a caffeinated tea or a decaffeinated tea.

2. Dark Chocolate

You may be thinking, why dark chocolate? I often have this as an after dinner snack. The fact is that certain dark chocolates have caffeine in them. Surprising isn’t it?  What’s even more surprising is that the darker the chocolate the higher the caffeine volume.

3. Too Much Stimulation Before Bed

For those who like to play video games (especially those really addictive ones) late into the night and right before bed, you might find it hard to then get to sleep as your brain is still tuned into the game and it becomes difficult to slow down and relax. It’s the same story with intensive sports right before bed, try to finish exercise and sports at least a couple of hours before bed.

4. Chili & Spicy Foods

Many of us enjoy a spicy chili for dinner. Something to be aware of is that a spicy meal can cause heart burn which will most likely keep you up at night. If you are planning on having a spicy dinner tonight, try to make it an earlier dinner so your body has time to digest the food before bed. – also talk about effects on body temp

5. Your Pillow

And finally, your pillow could be keeping you awake at night! How many of us have a pillow that is who knows how old or even where it came from? Your pillow is an important tool in getting a good night sleep. Make sure you find one which is most comfortable for you. This means the correct firmness and pillow height. Unfortunately this means that you may need a buy a couple different pillows in order to find the best fit for you but once you know what you like the best, you can keep getting the same one in the future. The pillows you didn’t like could even be used for guests.

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