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5 Foods You Should Always Avoid if Pregnant

The moment that your pregnancy test shows positive, you know your life is about to change.  While some changes will come to you in the upcoming the years, there are immediate ones that you need to make right now, and one of those will be with your diet.

As an expectant mom, you are aware that consuming the appropriate foods plays a key role in the growth and development of the fetus. Food is important as it nourishes the body and it also helps in regulating various body functions. With the appropriate diet, the body is better prepared to fight off any germs and will function at a more optimal level.  This also includes being prepared and strong enough to deal with the changes and stress that you will face while pregnant. While being sure to eat enough of the right foods is very critical, there are also foods that are important to not eat while you are pregnant as well.

By avoiding these foods, you not only increase your likelihood of a hassle-free pregnancy, but you also ensure that your fetus experiences the ideal development conditions. All of your questions can be answered by your doctor if you are unsure, but here are some of the more common foods that you should avoid if pregnant.


If you’re not already dairy-free, you should consider it for the health of you and your baby. You should especially avoid cheeses that fall into the soft cheese category, such as brie, feta, gorgonzola, queso blanco, and a few others.  These may not be pasteurized, and will lead to consumption of the bacteria that is also found in raw milk.  If your cravings are strong, you may find that plant- or nut-based cheeses provide safer options.   

Certain Fish

As you might not know, fish accumulate mercury and other heavy metals from the pollution in ocean waters.  Shark meat, swordfish, king mackerel, and tuna have been found to carry high levels of mercury. These elevated levels of mercury might compromise the baby`s developing nervous system. The side effects of consuming these fish when pregnant outweigh the advantages, especially when you have other meaningful options available for your needs. Additionally, you should avoid raw or undercooked fish while pregnant as well.  This means your sushi habit should be put on hold, or modified to include vegetable only options for now. If you’re looking for a healthy source of omega’s, opt for hemp seeds, hemp oil, flax seeds, flax oil, and chia seeds. 

Raw Eggs & Meats

Raw eggs or any other type of food that is comprised of raw eggs should be avoided at all costs due to the potential exposure that can be caused by Salmonella. Various homemade Caesar dressings, custards, homemade ice cream and Hollandaise sauces may contain a mixture of raw eggs. When it comes to meats, avoid organ meats, deli meats, and any type of raw meat.

If you’re looking for a good meat substitute, opt for products like Beyond Burger, or other vegan-mock meats. Dishes made with beans are also just as satiating.

Processed Junk food

You will find that with pregnancy, your cravings might not be like your normal daily diet was up until this point.  If you were the type of eater who was always trying to consume whole foods and a nutritional diet, you may find that suddenly your preferences lean towards things you could easily say no to before.  That could all go out the window when you are pregnant, and logic be darned, you are going to eat that whole bag of chocolate right now.

Remind yourself that while the cravings are strong, your body is also demanding an increased amount of nutrients during gestation. While you may be eating for you two in the moment, you don’t need to consume excessive calories which are often found in junk food. As a pregnant woman, it’s important that you TRY to temper your craving for junk food since these foods don’t provide the ideal nourishment for the fetus. While consuming minimal amounts of junk does not pose a health risk, it might encourage bad eating habits.

The ideal pregnancy diet comprises of whole foods with plenty of nutrients to satisfy the needs of your growing child. Pregnancy is a time of rapid development and growth, and junk foods may only compromise your child’s overall health levels.


In concluding all the crucial factors, being pregnant means that you may have to make some sacrifices and embrace good habits to achieve the best results. These five foods that you should avoid if pregnant are just some of the notable suggestions that you should consider. These are meant to help you informed as a prospective parent and to help you experience a complication-free pregnancy.

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