5 golden tips you need to know about using a face mask

Masks can be considered as a powerful supplement to maintain the health and freshness of the skin. There are different types of masks, each of which is used for a specific reason, such as clarifying, opening the pores of the skin and… used Placed. Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 reasons for using a face mask and the positive effect of a face mask on skin freshness.

The use of face masks in professional facial skin care programs follows these steps:

– Clearing.

– Check the condition of the skin.

– Exfoliation.

– Eliminate excess elements and massage.

The face mask has the ability to treat a specific condition of your skin or some skin problems. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, the face mask should restore the required moisture. If the skin is red or inflamed, the mask should be intended to relieve inflammation. If the skin is too oily or the pores are blocked, the face mask can remove impurities from the skin.

Generally, Facial masks should stay on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and usually contain elements such as aloe vera, seaweed, essential fats, massage oils, herbs and vitamins.. After the mask is finished, the mixture should be removed from the skin of the face to begin further activities. These activities include the use of toners, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, lip balms and sunscreens.

With this introduction, we will introduce you to 5 reasons for using a face mask and its positive effect on skin freshness, and we will take a brief look at the correct use of a face mask step by step.

5 simple steps to apply a face mask

Step 1: If you are going to use a face mask, you should not worry about its dirt at all, so, wear clothes that do not matter if they are dirty or be sure to tie your hair so that it does not fall on your face. However, It is best to use a face mask in the bathtub.

Step 2: Be sure to clean your face thoroughly before using the mask To maximize the effectiveness of the mask, use daily cleansers to remove dirt, grease and cosmetics.

Step 3: Both hands and facial skin should be slightly moist. Furthermore, Do not apply the mask on the eyes at all. Mask in addition to important points of the face, Transfer to the skin of the neck. Many people usually forget about the skin of the neck, while wrinkles should be prevented.

Step 4: You should wait between 10 and 15 minutes for the mask to work properly. To get all the benefits of the mask, all the necessary instructions for the mask must be taken seriously.

Step 5: Care should be taken when removing the mask and do not apply pressure to the skin at all. It is best to use water and a soft cloth or towel or soft cloth to clean the mask. Finally, dry your face with a clean towel.

Reasons to use a mask

The first reason to use the mask: achieve relaxation

Facial masks are not only designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin, but can also have completely healing properties. When face masks are combined with essential aromatic oils such as mint and rosemary, they stimulate different sensations, thus they can give a special calm to the mind.. Of course, the face mask should also be used in a completely calm and quiet environment, so when you decide to use the mask, be sure to set aside some time for yourself.

To do this, you can fill the bathtub with hot water and place a number of lighted candles in different parts of the bath. Then put the mask on your face and go into the tub and let the magic of the mask start in peace. This extraordinary sensory experience not only calms the mind and psyche, but also has many benefits for your skin.

The second reason for using a mask: deep cleansing

The daily cleansing process helps to remove various trace elements from the skin surface, such as all kinds of impurities, oils, cosmetics and impurities. However, you may not know that using a face mask takes the cleansing process to a whole new and deeper stage.

A good mask can remove the most resistant impurities hidden under the epidermis.. Some people believe that when using a face mask, they fully feel the detoxification process of the skin and notice changes in the skin during the operation of the mask. The ability of face masks in the process of deep and serious cleansing is truly incredible, because they improve the condition of the pores of the skin in a way that seems quite obvious and tangible.

The third reason for using the mask: opening the skin pores

Masks containing bentonite (a type of clay) help to remove impurities and absorb excess fat through the skin. On the other hand, they prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin. When all the excess elements are removed from the skin, the blockage of the skin pores will definitely be largely removed. We all know that clogging the pores of the skin is really troublesome, because the excess elements sink deep into the deep layers of the skin, creating the conditions for bacteria to grow and spread.

When the bacteria start to grow, we quickly encounter all kinds of small and large pimples on the face that bother us for at least a few days. Regular use of the face mask helps to keep the skin clean and prevent clogging of the pores. One of the most important reasons to use face masks is to counteract the blockage of skin pores..

The fourth reason for using the mask: increase skin radiance

Facial masks, especially those containing itchy peppermint, can play an effective role in strengthening blood circulation in the facial area.. After these masks dry on the face and create a kind of firmness, removing the mask causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate. This condition improves the general condition of the skin. According to these points, the use of the mask makes the facial skin softer and smoother, creates a special radiance and freshness in it, therefore, When using masks containing mint, do not be afraid of the skin tingling and let the mask transform your skin.

Fifth reason to use a mask: help with skin care regimen

Regular use of face masks increases the effectiveness of all skin care products. If you want products like lotions, serums and night creams to be absorbed faster and deeper into the skin, you should never forget to use regular face masks.. This will make all the protective and moisturizing products work better than before, so after a while you will get positive results that you have never seen before getting help from face masks.

2 beauty tricks for using face masks

Trick 1: Before using a face mask, apply some eye gel or eye cream around the eyes. This protects the delicate skin around the eyes and reduces the moisture in this important area of ​​the face.

Trick 2: When the face mask is dry and it is time to remove it, apply a soft, warm, damp cloth to the face and hold it on the skin for a few seconds.. This trick makes the mask washing process much easier.
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