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5 Herbal Remedies For Broken Bones

When you break or fracture a bone, your body will naturally start its own restorative process for healing. Three distinct stages make up this process, and your diet and mineral intake definitely influences how your body will perform during these stages.

There are many different herbal remedies for broken bones, and incorporating them into your diet will not only help you heal quickly but will also strengthen your bones in order to lessen your chances of contracting osteoporosis and other bone density issues that can cause sprains and fractures later on in life.

Because a lot of cell growth and bone-building are done during the 3-6 month healing process, it requires a lot of energy from your diet. This is why your diet during these stages is important. By incorporating the following vitamins and minerals into your diet after you break a bone, you will be helping your body speed up its natural healing process.

5 Remedies For Broken Bones

Vitamins D, K and calcium

Vitamin D, especially when paired with calcium-rich foods, work together to help your body absorb the calcium needed to strengthen your bones. Boost your vitamin D intake by eating some shrimp, sardines, egg yolks, or even just strolling in the sun for 15 minutes a day. Some calcium-rich foods you can eat more of are yogurt, milk, and collard greens.

Studies have also shown that Vitamin K helps prevent your body from excreting too much calcium when taken with Vitamin D. Pair your Vitamin D-rich foods with more fruits and veggies. Leafy greens like kale, broccoli, and cabbage are rich in Vitamin K and will help increase the number of reparative cells at the wound site.


Sunflowers are rich in Arnica, a nutrient key in assisting sprains and fractures, and they are commonly made into ointments that can be applied regularly to the wounded area to help speed up the healing process. Sunflowers can also be brewed into hot or cold teas and sweetened with honey.


Comfrey, a purple flower, is also key to bone healing, and it can be taken in pill form under its genus name of Symphytum. Symphytum, combined with Arnica, can reduce pain and take weeks off the healing process.


If you have a particularly stubborn sprain or break that is taking longer to heal, try incorporating Rue into your diet. Rue is a type of evergreen shrub that when its leaves are soaked in warm water and applied to the broken area, it will reduce the pain and swelling of the break while assisting the strength of the reparative cells.

Black cohosh roots

Black cohosh roots work wonders in strengthening your bones. Cut up these roots and add them to boiling hot water. Sweeten your cohosh tea with honey, lemon, or sugar, and drink it every few days or so to increase bone strength.


Herbal remedies and vitamins will strengthen your bones, even after the healing process is through. Taking vitamins and drinking herbal teas can also prevent you from breaking bones in the first place by increasing your natural bone density and reducing the bone deterioration caused by osteoporosis. This is particularly important, as fractures are a symptom of osteoporosis, especially if you are over 50. Therefore, after you heal, visit your doctor and ask if you need to get a DEXA scan, which measures your bone mineral density in order to diagnose whether you have osteoporosis.

Lastly, once you have recovered, it is also important that you stay fit and exercise. Constant movement will keep your body active and help you maintain a healthy bone strength that will reduce your risk for osteoporosis and broken bones. If you do break a bone, incorporate these dietary changes and herbal remedies into your regular diet in order to speed up the healing process.

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