5 important keys to increase the quality of sex

Poor personal hygiene can be one of the strongest reasons for poor sexual orientation between the two parties

Although it may seem appealing in theory, trying to go to bed with someone who has a dirty and sweaty body may seem like a lot. Of course, do not misunderstand what we mean. We do not mean that you both sweat during physical activity with your spouse due to high physical activity. We once talked about this with a few of my friends. My guess is that the vast majority of married people admit that they like to have sex with clean bodies with their spouse.

Poor personal hygiene can be one of the strongest reasons for poor sexual orientation between the two parties. This may even cause stress and nervousness as the other party may want to warn the other person and may be defensive and resentful.

My guess is that when a couple tries to go to bed together with clean and well-groomed bodies, they feel more comfortable during sex and can enjoy each other’s bodies much more. You may want to keep the following in mind.

1. Take a shower before going to bed.

This may not be to the liking of many. I hear from many women that when they take a hot shower, the only thing they want after that is sleep, not sex. So I have to say do not let your bath be long. Just a quick shower is enough to keep you clean and vibrant. Another good idea is to take a shower together, which can be a great introduction to your love affair. Of course, it may not be a practical idea for every night, but doing it from time to time will have a significant impact on your sexual intimacy.

Remember to use soaps or scented liquids to enjoy being together more.

۲. Brush your teeth and brush your teeth.

Surely you all know that bad breath will have a devastating effect on your lovemaking. If, even after brushing and flossing, you still feel that your mouth does not smell good, be sure to consult your dentist to prescribe a good cleanser. You may have to spend a little, but rest assured it is worth it.

3. Correct your face and body.

I never understand why some women are so lazy to trim their body hair. Of course, I know many people have a natural ideology, but rest assured that this will have a devastating effect on your sexual intimacy.

Ask your spouse. See if he likes your feet to be smooth and shiny or hairy and unshaven? Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Women’s armpits are also a very attractive area for men, and surely if it is smooth and corrected, your husband will pay more attention to this part of your body. The situation is the same with men. Some women like their husbands to have clean and refined bodies, and for many, men’s hairy bodies are attractive. In any case, try to talk about this issue and find out about your interests so that you can show your body more attractive in your spouse’s eyes.

4. Trim your nails.

I do not mean that you have to go to the hairdresser and pay for manicures and pedicures (which, of course, would be great if you did). I mean, always try to keep your nails clean and tidy.

Many men like long, lacquered nails, so it might be a good idea to ask your partner what color he likes to paint your nails. Remember that very small details have a significant impact on your relationship.

5. Use perfume, spray and skin moisturizer.

I have a perfume that is very tempting for my husband. That’s why I usually spray this perfume on myself and even the sheets before going to bed. Take a day and go to the perfume shop together and choose and buy each perfume that tempts you on the other.

I know that in all marriages, because the two parties think they love each other just for who they are, behaviors and appearances may be easier and simpler, but know that all of these things have a significant impact on your attractiveness to your partner and your sexual intimacy. Just spend a little more time on your personal hygiene and beauty.

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