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5 No-Brainer Reasons to Drink More Water

While water makes up more than 70% of the human body, it is the most natural nutrient out there, used to feed our minds and keep our bodies up and running. Without continuing to add it to our insides, we would not be able to function, even facing the possibility of death. Although there are dramatic side effects to not having it, let’s focus on ways water will benefit us. These no-brainer reasons to drink more water will make sure you get that cup in hand in no time.

5 Reasons to Drink More Water

Weight Loss

The summer after I gained the infamous Freshman Fifteen (not a myth!) during my first year of college, I made a promise to myself to drink more water. An acquaintance from my dorm told me that in doing so would work wonders to my body. Without changing anything else, I gave this more than the good-college-try and was back to my original healthy weight by mid-fall of the following year.

More Energy & Better Mood

It’s amazing what proper nutrition will do for a person’s energy, attitude, and emotions. Getting the right amount of sleep every night helps and eating right works its wonders, but water is the glue to it all. Dehydration will only have negative effects so be aware of these signs as this can affect your mood and drain any energy you may have had, possibly affecting your social interactions or work performance. Even the thought of water can be a sign. So drink up!

Clearer Skin

Not only is water used to clean skin on the outside, but also from the inside. Increasing your daily amount of water intake will flush out internal toxins to hydrate the skin, clearing and preventing breakouts. Even if you’ve never struggled with acne or breakouts, having a fresh glow to your skin is always a win.

Ironically, my skin looks best right at the beginning of a workout. My pores start to sweat out the hydration from my body, allowing my skin to breath. I love it! Depending on the workout, I’ll drink up to 60 oz. of water throughout.

Prevent Sickness

Now I am no doctor, but whenever I feel a cold or sore throat coming on, my first thought is to drink more water to help clear out my system. Germs are clearly an issue on those awful sick days, so be sure to drink out of your own glass and hand wash it multiple times throughout the day. My friend had the sniffles during our coffee date last week, so I ordered a water from the barista with no ice and made my friend drink the whole thing before the date was over. She felt back up to speed the very next day.

Improve Fitness

Not everyone has the desire to improve on this, but maybe they should. Increasing your fitness is great for your heart, lungs, mind, and more. During exercise, we sweat out so much water from our bodies and need to recover immediately. Like mentioned above, having more water in your system during a workout will be great for your skin. Drinking water before, during and after exercise will better your performance and skin. Who wouldn’t want either of those things?

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