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5 Proven Benefits of Coconut Oil that’ll Make Your Life Better

I don’t know how many benefits of coconut oil you’ve heard so far. Quite a number of them have been hyped up to the extent that coconut oil has almost become a cure-all.

In fact, coconut oil, due to its intrinsic antimicrobial properties and content of saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids, does help with mitigating or relieving symptoms of many diseases and maladies, but not to the extent that it’ll cure them all.

However, I do personally have good experience with using coconut oil. And these are the 5 benefits of coconut oil I can confidently endorse.

1. Healing of Dry, Flaky Skin

I have no idea since when my palms started to turn dry easily and dead skin flakes kept forming up. I used to scrape them off with fingernails. It’s kind of gross when you see it.

Sometimes the skin could be so dry that it cracked deep inside. The pain was sharp. To make matters worse, it came with an itch.

Because of that, I have to apply coconut oil to both my palms every night to keep the skin moisturized. And it does what it’s supposed to do. My skin is not as flaky as before. No cracks. No itch.

This benefit from coconut oil has saved my hands. Go try it if you have the same issue.

2. Protection Against Sunburn

Using it as a sunscreen is by far one of the best benefits of coconut oil I’ve ever experienced. I’ve used it many times to keep sunburn at bay. And it never fails me so far.

This is because its predominant saturated fats help to stop free-radical reactions.

Free radicals, upon stimulation by UV, can become very destructive to our skin. They will wreck the connective fibers that hold our skin firmly together. They will kill skin cells causing them to die prematurely.

Which explains why after prolonged exposure to the sun your skin will look charred and creased if you never perform any protection.

With coconut oil, your exposed skin will stay perfectly normal except for a light tan even when you expose your skin to the damaging UV for several hours, as long as you apply coconut oil to your skin adequately.

3. Neutralizing Aedes Mosquito Bite

Aedes mosquitoes have bitten me several times as far as I am aware.

I remember once the mosquito was happily sucking my blood on my left arm. By the time I realized its presence, its bottom has already ballooned to fullness and ready to fly off. I quickly applied coconut oil to the bitten spot.

After an hour, no bulging of surface took place on that spot. After several hours, nothing peculiar occurred to me. No inflammation. No nothing.

I know, the Aedes mosquito that bit me may not necessarily carry dengue or zika virus. But there’s a chance I might be the next being quarantined for getting the fatal bite. What’s more, they have bitten me not once but several times. So, that increases my odds of getting the virus.

I’ve heard from an expert that one coconut oil advantage is that it can fight dengue virus. But he’s uncertain about zika virus.

Anyway, let’s just stay more vigilant and carry coconut oil wherever we go. In case it happens, we can quickly attend to the mozzie bite as soon as possible before it takes you down.

4. Treatment of Flu Infection

When you’re down with flu, add coconut oil to each and every meal and every drink. Its antiviral properties can effectively fight and kill flu viruses.

I can attest to that. Before consuming coconut oil, my flu symptoms for the most part, would progress to a more severe level. That was miserable.

But ever since I found out that the amazing health benefits of coconut oil include flu-fighting, I started to eat a lot of it.

Now, I seldom fall sick. Even if I do let my guard down at times, my flu symptoms would be so mild that I can still perform my everyday task until the symptoms are completely gone.

5. Constipation Relief

Knowing its potent detox effect when taken by itself, more and more people use coconut oil to help them poop. Because it works like a charm, they hail coconut oil as the best laxative for constipation when everything else they’ve tried over the counter failed.

It’s effective in that sense. But the discomfort in the stomach could last for several hours. Which is why I don’t like taking coconut oil straight from the jar. I’d rather eat it with food so at least I won’t get the runs easily but yet get to empty my bowels at least twice a day.

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