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5 Steps On How To Take Proper Care Of Your Feet

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Our feet are arguably the hardest working part of our bodies, yet we often fail to provide them with the pampering and love that they truly deserve.

Taking care of your feet gains in importance as we grow older and continue to add wear and tear to our frames, so read on to learn more about how you can take better care of your tootsies!

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Feet

1. Give Them A Nice Relaxing Soak

Think about it, when was the last time that you treated your feet to a soak? While some might see this practice as being too indulgent, providing your feet with a soak in warm and soapy water will give them the fuel that they need to look their best. A simple ten minute soak will help to soften and clean the skin. Your toenails can also reap a plethora benefits from a regular soaking regimen.

2. Get Rid Of The Dead Skin

To piggyback on the last tip, one of the greatest benefits that is derived from a warm, soapy foot soak is the loosening of dead skin that has been allowed to build up on your soles. Once you’ve soaked the feet, use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin, or an emery board. However, you should never cut the skin unless you are taking advantage of the assistance of a licensed practitioner.

3. Cut The Toenails Properly

We often fail to execute simple toenail clipping technique. Instead of cutting them in a zigzag pattern, it is best to clip them in a straight line. This keeps the edge of your toenails clean and goes a long way towards preventing ingrown toenails. These are an incredibly painful occurrence and can lead to infection if not properly treated, so be sure to adhere to the proper toenail clipping form.

4. Don’t Skimp On Moisturizer

Few parts of the body could use moisturizing treatment more than the feet, but we tend to neglect them for more prominent areas. However, regular application of moisturizer to the feet’s skin and margins will keep them looking fresh and clean, even after a hard day’s work. Make sure you choose natural moisturizers without harsh chemicals.

I like coconut and jojoba oil for moisturizing, so take a look around the next time you head to your local supermarket.

5. Keep The Same Pedicure Schedule

When it comes to pedicures, the old saying is not true. You really can have way too much of a good thing! You should not be receiving pedicures on a weekly or even monthly basis. In fact, some foot care experts recommend waiting at least eight weeks in between each pedicure, in order to obtain optimal results.


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