5 tips about foundation makeup

Applying facial makeup not only helps the makeup stay on for a long time, but also reduces the oil on the skin. The way to make up the face should be magical and suitable for the skin. Listed below are some tips on choosing the right foundation for your skin
1. For natural skin

The foundation should have a light and soft texture. Natural skin has small open pores on the skin. In the foundation, the pores should be closed and it should be completely soft and moist. Foundation is to hide all the flaws in the natural texture of the skin
2. For oily skin

Choose a matte foundation for oily skin. A matte foundation will help unclog open pores on the skin. Matte foundation is used to control excessive sebum production in oily skin, and the tools used in it are fat-free. Oily skin needs special care, so you should use suitable ingredients for oily skin
3. For dry skin

Dry skin should have a moist foundation so that thin lines and wrinkles are not seen on the skin. A good foundation should have moisturizing properties.

4. For combination skin

The foundation is suitable for combination skin with a matte moisturizer. Filling open pores should be done
5. For sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs extra care because the skin is irritable and soon damages the skin

The foundation of the skin is the foundation of makeup. Using foundation on the face helps make-up last longer

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9 December 1392 23:07

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