5 tips to prevent sagging breasts

There is sagging breasts as we get older. Do not worry about this. Here are some tips to help you
1- Suitable bra
Choosing the right bra is very important to avoid sagging breasts. Make sure you choose the right bra from the stores you buy to help you with this.
2. Eat a healthy diet
One of the main reasons for weak breasts is an unhealthy diet. Your diet should be balanced to produce new tissues in the breast. Your diet should be rich in vitamin E and vitamin D.

Also use omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to prevent breast cancer
Also from the diet containing nuts; هویچ; Green leafy vegetables; Fish; Cereals and tomatoes and so on
3- Daily massage
In order to keep your breasts better, you should massage them every day. This massage should be inverted with a circular motion and vice versa. You can massage for 10 minutes a day. It helps to increase blood circulation and use almond oil or aloe vera gel every day during the massage to help moisturize the breast skin and maintain its elasticity and make the skin supple.

4- Maintaining a constant weight
If you keep your weight at a constant size, that is, lose weight and not gain weight, this will cause the breast skin tissue to stretch. You need regular exercise and a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight
5. Exercise on the chest muscles
A few exercises that help you tighten your chest, such as a chest press exercise, which is great for this. You can start with 15 times a day and gradually increase according to your capacity.

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