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5 Ways to Clear Up Your Mind

Did you notice how difficult it feels to be productive and stay focused working in a messy, unorganized room?

Your eyes are drawn to all sorts of trivial misplaced things, and your internal dialogue is suffocated by never ending debates about what you should do next, but nothing seems to be the right thing to do when nothing is in the right place.

There are a few people that thrive working in (what they call) an organized chaos, but most of us prefer order and cleanliness; otherwise, we feel overwhelmed and get paralyzed.

Your mind is the most important room you have to work in; therefore, keep it clean, well-organized and free of negative thoughts.

How to Clear Up Your Mind

1. Practice self-compassion

Discover who you are and give yourself space to improve and grow by practicing self-compassion. Forgive your mistakes and accept your shortcomings with the understanding that you are doing what you know and how you know. Judging your former self with the knowledge you have today is unfair and misleading.

2. Free yourself from self-negative thoughts (judgment, doubt, guilt, too conscious)

  • No one can make you feel inferior to others, but you can.
  • No one can put you down for physical traits, for example, but you can by being too self-conscious.
  • No one can judge you with devastating consequences, but you can.

Free yourself from self-negative thoughts; no more judgment, doubt, feeling guilty and powerless; stand up for yourself starting with the way you talk to self and about self.

3. Let go of trying to control everything

It is a good thing to be in control of yourself, to have self-discipline. However, make a distinction between things that you should control and things you should let go.

Are you afraid of letting go, relinquish your control over some things?

Listen, insisting on doing everything by yourself, controlling everything that moves around you is like keeping your hand on a burning stove.

4. Focus on what you want

Did you notice that some people, asked “what do you want” start first with a long list of things they don’t want and only, second, very timid and unsure, will say what they want?

The absence of sadness doesn’t mean you are happy. Is it not?

Define what you want in life. Know where you are going and find out how to get there. Stay focused on your goals and build the life of your dreams.

5. Understand others

The fittest, in our modern times, it is that person who knows how to collaborate and communicate efficiently and strives for a win-win type of outcome.

Understanding others takes some of the social pressures off your shoulders, allowing you to predict and anticipate behaviours and actions and move faster towards what you want.

Clear your mind of negative things and people, let it be flooded with happy thoughts, well-serving self-attitudes and perceptions, hopes, and dreams.

Note that every negative thing you’re telling yourself takes your energy and power to become who you want to be. On the opposite side, every positive thing strengthens your character and increases your desire to improve and grow; not because you are not good enough as you are, but simply because you can.

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