5 ways to get healthy skin

Care and observance of health and wellness tips will make the skin stay young and fresh, which is an important factor in beauty. In this article, Dr. Salam will introduce you to the methods of maintaining skin freshness and staying young.

Tips that can easily ensure the freshness and youth of your skin.
Mohammad Rezvani, a dermatologist, said in an interview with a Fars News Agency health reporter: If you want to have healthy skin, you should follow 5 important recommendations. The first thing to do to have healthy skin is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, in other words, the ultraviolet rays that are present in sunlight and energy-saving lamps, which are harmful to the skin.

He went on to say: “Ultraviolet light breaks down the fibers of human skin; For example, if we look at our grandmother, her neck area is younger than her face, and this is due to the ultraviolet rays that directly hit the face area, and the neck area is younger because it is hidden from light.

Rezvani said: The second important point in skin care is to avoid exposure to smoke; In other words, hypoxia for the blood can affect the skin, which is the largest organ in the body. As a result, people who are exposed to air pollution, cigarettes and tobacco in general, their skin ages faster than others.

He considered the third way to maintain the health of the skin to be the use of fresh fruits and vegetables due to the presence of their vitamins and added: taking vitamins due to the presence of suitable salts and antioxidants, prevents the production of anti-cellulite elements and helps rejuvenate the skin.

“Drinking enough water is the fourth way to have good skin,” he said. “People who drink enough water around the clock have healthier skin.”

In the end, Rezvani said: “Exercise is an important factor in the health of the body, which in addition to regulating blood circulation, also protects the skin.”

Source / Fars

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