5 ways to increase vitamin D intake

Vitamin D plays an important role in human health. If you do not get enough of this vitamin, your risk of depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer and other serious problems increases. Various studies have shown a deficiency of this vitamin in a large number of people. In this article, we will provide you with ways to increase your vitamin D intake.

1) Sunlight

– The best source to get this vitamin. Even if you are exposed to direct sunlight for a short time, you get the right amount of this vitamin. But you should know that if you are exposed to too much direct sunlight, you are at greater risk of developing skin cancer.

2) Get a supplement

The Medical Association (IOM) recommends that every adult receive 600 international units of vitamin D a day, but some experts recommend that you increase this to 1,500 to 2,000 units per day. This dose does not pose an overdose risk. You can get this amount daily by taking various vitamin supplements.

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3) Salmon

It is not easy to get vitamin D just by eating foods, but salmon has a lot of this vitamin. In fact, for every 3 ounces of salmon, you get 447 international units of vitamin D. It is even interesting to know that a better source of this vitamin is a tablespoon of cod liver oil, which contains 1360 international units of this vitamin.

4) Mushrooms

Fungi produce more vitamin D2, like cells in the human body, when exposed to sunlight. Look for mushrooms in the supermarket that contain 400 international units of vitamin D per serving.

5) Enriched foods

Food factories enrich some of their products by adding vitamin D during processing. In general, a cup of orange juice or milk fortified with vitamin D contains 100 international units of this vitamin. Many breakfast cereals also have 40 to 100 international units of this vitamin per serving.


Translated and edited by Sanaz Motalebi Khamenei, nutritionist and dietitian

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