6 common causes of cramps that do not occur due to menopause

Here are the reasons for constipation in women.
When you feel hot, find a way to reduce it. Cramps are excruciating and can cause heart palpitations and flushed skin, leaving your clothes drenched in sweat and shivering.

While these symptoms usually with Menopause are related, men and women may experience it at any age. Constipation may occur at any time and for various reasons. Before considering these reasons, it is important to note that experiencing this condition is not a scary thing. The reason why some people experience it but not for others is not clear, but this condition is benign and temporary for some people. It is recommended to write down when this happens to you and mention what you were doing before your blackout started. This information will also help your doctor figure out the root cause of your hot flashes. Here are the most common causes that have nothing to do with Menopause It does not exist and what you should do to control it has been discussed.

1. Prescription drugs

Seizures may be a side effect of many prescription medications. Narcotics, antidepressants and some medications Osteoporosis They are irritating. As advised by doctors, identify your symptoms as soon as you start a new course of treatment. If those symptoms appear at the same time as taking the medicine, it is probably the side effects of the medicine.
What you should do about it: Inform your doctor about the complication that has occurred to you. He may introduce you to a similar drug that does not cause this complication. There is also a possibility that the body will get used to it after taking the medicine and this complication will not occur again, so your doctor can assure you that this complication will not last long.

2. Overweight

You’ve probably heard that body fat is metabolically active, which explains the link between obesity and some cancers, and being overweight can disrupt your metabolism and cause constipation.
What to do about it: This is a predictable treatment. But diet and exercise can be therapeutic. In comparison Overweight and obesity, women who do not try to lose weight, those who eat a healthy diet and exercise 200 minutes a week are twice as likely to have less constipation.

3. Allergy or food sensitivity

Almost all of us when we eat very spicy food Constipation We have experienced But in some people, food allergy may not be the cause of constipation.
What to do about it: Alcohol, caffeine, and additives like sulfates are some common irritants. Pay attention to how your body reacts to eating each of them, and that way you can find the connection between them. If this method does not help you, talk to your doctor about your diet and which foods you should eliminate.

4. Anxiety

While you often hear the words stress and anxiety used interchangeably, mental health professionals tend to use the word anxiety to refer to the physical dimension of feelings such as Stress, have fear or worry. Heart palpitations and restlessness are two old symptoms of anxiety, and anxiety can also lead to distressing symptoms.
What to do about it: Remembering to breathe is the easiest way to calm yourself down when you feel anxious. Exercise, meditation and yoga are very effective in eliminating anxiety. If your anxiety did not go away by doing them, you are probably suffering from a more serious form of anxiety. Talk to a doctor or cognitive behavioral therapist.

5. Medical conditions (illness)

Almost all medical problems related to hormones or the endocrine system can cause menopausal symptoms. Especially overactive thyroid problems can cause heat in the body. Infections or viruses can also cause this heat.
What to do about it: If you have a thyroid problem, your body aside convulsions Other symptoms also appear. Heart palpitations, unexplained weight loss, frequent bathing, and feeling extremely tired at certain times of the day are all symptoms associated with an overactive thyroid. When dealing with other health-related issues, look for fever and symptoms such as: diarrhea Or be upset stomach. If any of these symptoms along with convulsions Be sure to inform your doctor if you experience it.

6. Warm bedroom

Body temperature naturally drops during the night while sleeping, so it is common for both men and women to wake up in the middle of the night sweating or feeling overheated.
What to do about it: If Constipation Consider the middle of the night, a warm room, too many blankets, or too many clothes may be your problem, which can be solved by turning down the thermostat or sleeping with less blankets or clothes.

Translated by Arabzadeh

March 3, 2016 11:31

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