6 simple tricks for those who are looking to lose weight

There is no doubt that losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Weight loss will be followed by three general factors; Exercise, nutrition and thinking. Of course, the latter is the most difficult to control and guide. There are several methods and tricks that can help you reach your ideal weight more easily by tricking your mind. In the following, we will review some of the best tricks, stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

1. Always have a healthy snack with you

Fast food or packaged and processed snacks may be your first and most attractive choice when you are in the heat of daily activities and you feel overwhelmed by hunger. But if you always have a healthy meal like an apple or sesame cake in your bag or car dashboard, you do not need to break your diet to silence the sound of your stomach. This is true even when you walk past an ice cream parlor, because research has shown that when people crave unhealthy foods, they still keep themselves entertained with the most affordable food available.

2. It blooms from chewing thorns

One of the most important things that many of us do not properly consider, but can help you gain weight much later is chewing. In addition to chewing properly and as much as food, it helps to digest and prevent overeating, chewing gum can also help. The results of a study conducted in this regard show that those who continued to chew gum for 45 minutes after eating lunch were less likely to eat snacks and snacks throughout the day. In addition, chewing sugar-free gum helps clean teeth by stimulating saliva secretion.

3. Coffee can stop your hunger at the right time

You may think that eating coffee in the morning only helps to open your eyes and prepare for a working day, but in fact, coffee does not only provide your caffeine. By drinking coffee, you can stimulate the body’s metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned by up to 12%. Coffee is also a natural anti-appetite substance and can help you succumb to the temptations to break your diet later. Of course, these properties only apply to pure coffee, and if you want to add sugar and cream to it or consume it with a variety of sweets and snacks, you will certainly not benefit from its health properties.

4. Count your bites

– It is true that counting other people’s bites on the table is very unpleasant, but if you do it for yourself, it is also great. Especially since counting calories is difficult for many and requires great care. An alternative method of counting bites that has recently been proven can have a direct impact on your weight loss. By reducing the number of bites you crave every day by 20 to 30%, it can help you lose up to 2 kg per month.

5. Remove the food from the pot

– Instead of bringing food to the table, where you may easily decide to eat a second or third plate, it is better to let it stay in the kitchen. In fact, overeating is easy when you have a lot of delicious food in front of you and everyone around you is eating. A better way is to pull the food directly from the pot or dish in which the food is cooked and just bring your own plate to the table. If you have to get up and go to the kitchen to eat the next plate, most likely you will not do so and in the long run this can help you lose weight.

6. Do not look at cooking plans

Strange as it may seem, following a cooking plan may be the reason why your diets fail. Research has shown that looking at pictures of fatty and tasty foods can stimulate the appetite center of the brain and make a person feel hungry. So if you are looking to lose weight, avoid as much as you can appetizing images on TV, the Internet and social networks.

Prepared and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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