6 steps to protect your skin in the cold season

Here are six ways to insure yourself against such problems:

1. When the air outside cools down, forget about long baths with hot water and take short showers with relatively lukewarm water.

Also use soaps for dry and sensitive skin. When using a towel to dry your body, be careful not to damage your body and do it gently.

While your body is still slightly moisturized, massage the skin thoroughly with the cream. To better absorb the moisturizing cream, cover the parts of your body that suffer from excessive dryness of the skin in nylon for 10 minutes after applying the cream. The best time to apply the cream is right after bathing.

2. If your skin is sensitive, use fabrics that allow air to pass through easily instead of linen.

It should be noted; Nylon and polyester clothes can increase the sensitivity of your skin. If you use dehumidifiers at home, keep the humidity at 20 to 40%.

3. To prevent skin infections, you can use these few simple methods such as regular hand and face washing, adequate sleep and simple exercises at home. These measures make your skin more resistant to fungal infections.

4. Winter means shorter days and less time to deal with various matters. Therefore, it is better to plan for your time because stress to deal with various matters causes mental and physical fatigue.

5. In autumn and winter, the power of the sun’s rays decreases, which is not a very interesting event for the skin.

Sunlight is vital for the skin to absorb vitamin D; But there are two problems in this regard; The first problem is that in winter, people usually wear more clothes and spend more time at home. The second problem is the power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which gradually decrease during these seasons.

For those who have a history of severe dryness and cracking of the skin in winter so that the usual methods do not solve their problem, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

6. Eat dark chocolate and drink more water. Water basically refreshes the skin and is one of the most important elements of skin protection in the cold season.

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