6 super foods for better sleep

Hello doctor – if you suffer from insomnia instead Tablet, Eat natural foods to have a comfortable sleep without side effects

Here is a list of We introduce food items to you Must before going to bed To sleep better and Healthy eat:


How many almonds before sleep Eat like almonds the muscle loose And It helps you sleep well. almonds Included magnesium and is tryptophan

Lion hotCalcium Found in milk Tryptophan is an amino acid That They have a calming effect and absorb. If one cup warm milk to remember childhood Drink before sleep and you will never have insomnia

Chamomile tea

Effect this plant Calm the part Digestive problems, Abdominal pains treats And has Relaxers normal and soothing Is A great solution To It is insomnia.

honeyhoney On prevention and treatment Many diseases have a significant impact, and benefits Anti Anxiety improves sleep. As you know, sweet substances make people sleepless sugar Loaf Honey is not like that

atmosphere (Products Oat)

atmosphere A resource full of It is melatonin, A little From Oatmeal with warm milk mixedTo sleep Easier very good Is.


Baked potatoes manufacturing Serotonin has an effect which helps to have a restful sleep

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15 February 2013 11:08

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