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7 Common Excuses For Not Exercising

There are piles of evidence found by researchers that our health depends on regular exercise. By following a workout routine, you can lower your risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, and plenty of other debilitating diseases. But, even knowing all that, it is still easy for us all to give in to our excuses and skip exercising.  

7 Common Excuses for Not Exercising

Over the years as a fitness professional, I have found that most of the excuses for not exercising are pretty similar. To help you overcome your reasons for not exercising and finally start embracing a healthier lifestyle, below are the most common excuses to not work out and how you can beat them.

“I’m Too Busy To Workout”

Often, when we don’t really want to make time for something, most of us default to claiming to be too busy. The implication is if we weren’t so darn busy, of course, we make time to exercise. 

But think about it. Is your schedule really so tight that there is absolutely no room for you to find even 15 minutes to exercise? Likely, you do have at least 15 minutes to work out, but many people have been taught that if they aren’t spending at least an hour exercising, it’s not worth it.

In reality, making time even for a little exercise can do your overall health some good. You can even do several short 10-minute workouts over the day when you have the time. All you need to do is make exercise a priority.

However, if you aren’t quite ready to add more time commitments to your schedule, you can engage in high-intensity incidental physical activity (HIIPA). With HIIPA, you can add bursts of higher physical activity by simply taking the stairs and parking further back when you go grocery shopping, fitting a little more exertion in your schedule.

“Gym Memberships Are Too Expensive”

I’ve been a member at a variety of gyms over the years, and I have found that with a little searching, you can often find a gym in your price range. My favorite option when my budget was tight was my local recreation center. There was a weight room, pool, indoor track, and basketball court. Nothing was all that new or fancy, but it only cost me $10 a month. 

Now, I know not all towns have many options when it comes to gyms. Plenty of rural areas are lucky to have a gym, let alone several options. But if you can, check your local college, rec center, and YMCA for affordable ways to exercise.

If your budget is tight and you don’t want to be tied to any gym membership commitment, you can exercise at a park. Sometimes they have outdoor gym equipment, but even if they don’t, you can take a jog on the grass and use the different pieces of playground equipment to do various exercises like box jumps, dips, pull-ups, and more.

“I Don’t Want To Exercise In Front Of People”

Struggles with self-esteem can make it tough to start exercising in any public forum, whether you are at a gym or just running outside. You can work around feeling embarrassed to exercise by working out at home, following free exercise routines on YouTube or even a paid personal training service. 

But I want to make something clear—in most cases, no one is looking at you. While there is the occasional story of someone being an awful person and making fun of someone exercising, most people don’t have that attitude. In fact, most individuals are wrapped up in their own workout concerns and don’t care what you do, as long as you re-rack your weights and don’t hog a machine for hours!

“Working Out Is Really Boring”

For those who find working out a real snooze-fest, I have to ask, what kind of workouts are you doing? Many types of exercise are very engaging, and you don’t really have time to become bored. Endurance workouts like running or using the elliptical can become a bit stale, but with the kind of technology we have now, you can easily prop your smartphone up on a machine and watch pretty much anything. 

Along with that, there are other entertainment options you can add to your workout routines such as listening to podcasts, music, or audiobooks. With these options, you likely can find some way to bring some fun to every workout.

Also, if you find a type of exercise boring, I give you permission to no do that type of exercise anymore. Plenty of people feel like they have to run to be fit. I say, if you hate running, don’t do it and instead, try a workout you may like better, like dancing or rock climbing. Exercise should never be boring when you consider your options. 

“Exercising Hurts Too Much”

When your body hurts, it is natural to want to sit and rest. However, remaining static can actually make the pain much worse. In most cases, health professionals highly recommend exercise for pain management. 

If you are using exercise as a method of pain management, I do recommend you stick to low-impact workouts, especially if hard, jarring motions are painful. You can easily do low-impact cardio workouts by swimming, using an elliptical, cycling, and water aerobics. Or, if you aren’t worried about cardio, exercises like yoga can increase your flexibility and balance.

“I Can’t Stay Motivated To Exercise”

Motivation is a huge reason why people will start and stop exercise. Many individuals believe that they need to wait until they feel motivated to exercise. What they don’t understand is that exercise itself is a motivator.

When you exercise regularly, you can see how your body changes for the better and track your progress, which helps keep you motivated. By simply exercising, you can supply your own internal motivation.

Also, to help support your motivation to be healthier, you can choose to do things that support your workouts, such as getting enough sleep and following a healthy routine that works for you. By supporting your health in other small ways, it can be easier to stay motivated to stick to your exercise routine.

“My Kids Are Too Young For Me To Go Workout”

As a parent myself, I completely understand how hard it can be for parents to find the time to exercise, especially if you are a single parent. What I like to recommend for parents is that you get your children involved in your workouts.

Going on walks as a family, doing dance workouts, playing in the park, and other types of exercise are great for bringing in your tiny family members. If your child is too small to actively participate, I have always like using my kids as weights, and they enjoy being held and lifted up. You can also purchase a stroller and baby backpack for more outdoor adventures. 

Not only is this a great way to fit in exercise and watch your kids, but you are also teaching your children the value of exercise early in their lives. 

I hope you can put my excuses deconstruction to good use and stop letting your exercise excuses prevent you from reaching your health and fitness goals.

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