7 days diet challenge for breakfast

This diet is based on the calorie intake in the breakfast and for a week, a diet breakfast suggests you some important nutritional tips for a healthy diet breakfast. To achieve the desired result.

We are at your service with a 7-day diet challenge for those who have recently successfully lost weight and lost weight. You can repeat this 7-day challenge for 4 weeks, so that you can maintain the weight loss you have. do.

روز Breakfast on the first day:

  • 1 palm of wholemeal bread (any kind) without fingers + half a can of low-fat cheese matches + لی1 cup of green tea + half a walnut + tomatoes and cucumbers

روز Breakfast on the second day:

  • 1 glass of low-fat milk + 2 tbsp. Honey + 1 golden stalk biscuits

روز Breakfast on the third day:

  • 1 boiled egg + 1 palm of wholemeal bread (any kind) without fingers + 1 cup of green tea + tomatoes and cucumbers

چهارم Breakfast on the fourth day:

  • 1 diet pancake or a soup bowl of milk and wheat germ + 1 cup of green tea

انه Breakfast on the fifth day:

  • 1 glass of low-fat milk + 3 dates

روز Breakfast on the sixth day:

  • 1 cup of Nescafe or tea + 2 golden stalks + 1 apple

هفت Breakfast on the seventh day:

  • Two boiled eggs + tomatoes and free cucumbers or two glasses of milk or a bowl of lentil soup without oil

یمی Diet tips

  • If you feel weak between breakfast and lunch, you can consume 1 cup of milk + a little honey.
  • You can eat two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt and 10 grams or a tablespoon of raw nuts a whole day.
  • Consumption of two spoons full of any type of bran (wheat, rice and oats) daily mandatory
  • You are allowed to consume 80 grams or the equivalent of two wholemeal toasts (or any other type of wholemeal bread) throughout the day.
  • Lavash bread, Taftoon and white baguettes are prohibited.

Continue tips in the following link:

7 days of lunch diet challenge

Prepared and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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