7 effective ways to treat sinusitis

Air pollution and breathing in unhealthy air increase the probability of sinusitis. This disease, which is associated with sensitivity and infection, causes the nose to swell and increase the mucus inside. An otolaryngologist said that it is not possible to treat sinusitis with local antibiotics, and said that washing the nose with serum and penicillin has no effect on the treatment of sinusitis.

Dr. Mohammad Pourhaji Gholami, in a conversation with Mehr reporter about the medical rumors regarding the treatment of sinusitis, stated: They say that to treat sinusitis, mix penicillin 800 with physiological serum and rinse the throat and nose with it five times a day or smoke the antibiotic; But we don’t have any topical treatment for nose and sinusitis treatment.

He added: Treatment of sinusitis is only possible through the treatment of oral and injectable drugs, and washing the nose with penicillin is a local treatment that has no effect.

Pourhaji Gholami stated: Routine treatment of sinusitis is done orally for outpatients and by injection for hospitalized patients.

This otolaryngologist continued: Currently, topical antibiotics for ears are available in pharmacies, but there is no such medicine for the nose.

Pourhaji Gholami said about air pollution: the recommendation in this field is considered as temporary measures. This situation will continue until the problem of fuel and polluting cars is not solved.

This otolaryngologist emphasized: People with heart and lung problems should not go out of the house as much as possible because air pollution aggravates their problems.

Emphasizing the consumption of milk and substances with antioxidants, he said: Standard masks can also help to some extent.

Regarding why schools and offices are not closed when there is air pollution, Pourhaji Gholami said: Air pollution is far more dangerous for people who are of growing age, although it also poses serious risks for adults who have previous problems. and there is even a possibility of death in these people.


January 9, 2016 00:25

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