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7 Foods To Help You Focus

Having trouble concentrating? The secret to better focus could sit right there on your plate. There are some foods to help you focus, which will allow you to better overcome interruptions throughout your day.

So in a country where misdiagnosis of ADHD is a growing problem, and people can be easily distracted in any normal setting, everyone can benefit from a concentration boost. In order to help your kids focus and to get your own work done seamlessly, incorporate the following foods into your meals:

7 Foods To Help You Focus

1. Leafy Greens

Your parents were always nagging you to eat your greens, right? These leafy veggies have mountains of benefits, and amongst those benefits is improved focus. The keys to their powers are vitamins that work to keep the brain young and fresh (especially B6 vitamins). Eat two servings of leafy greens – like spinach, kale or arugula – each day to reap the most benefits for your brain.

2. Berries

Not only are blueberries delicious they are also great for your brain and body. Blueberries have been found to capture free radicals in your brain that are known to lead to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Blueberries will help your brain learn quickly and keep you sharp.

3. Brahmi

Give a healthy boost to your brain with this rejuvenating herb called Brahmi (sometimes known as Gotu Kola in English but be careful because Gotu Kola is a different kind of herb). Not only does this herb reduce the effect of stress on your brain but also supports intelligent thinking. If you struggle with insomnia, Brahmi might also help you because it reduces anxiety and nervousness in the brain while strengthening your immune system.

4. Omega-3s

You can find omega-3s in flaxseeds, chia seeds, radish seeds, nuts, cereals, spices and more. They do excellent things for circulation and brain development, allowing your brain to be the best it can be. Munching away on these types of food is also said to improve memory.

5. Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide isn’t actually found in food. However, consuming things like cayenne pepper, jalapeños and beets may help our bodies to produce more. Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that is present within the human body. It can diminish and, when it does, too little nitric oxide can lead to issues with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So in order to keep your brain functioning for longer, consider adding the aforementioned foods to your diet.

6. Avocados

Avocados are high in fat, but their fats are healthy monounsaturated fats that can aid your concentration. These healthy fats assist communication between cells within the brain, allowing smoother, easier focus. The fiber in avocados also keeps you full and your brain happy.

7. Bananas

Bananas are loaded with tons of memory boosting things like potassium, vitamin C and fiber. They also contain vitamin B6, which can also help with concentration. In fact, according to one study, students who ate bananas scored better on exams than those who did not.


So whether it’s you or someone you love (or both) who must crack down on concentration, these foods can help to naturally solve the problem. Take a bite of one today and enjoy improved focus and overall brainpower.


Contributing Author: Alicia is a “Jill of all trades.” She writes about DIY projects, home advice and health on her blog Homey Improvements, works as a freelance writer, and helps a variety of clients with content marketing.


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