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7 Reasons To Eat Organic Fruit and Vegetables

With rising concern over GMOs, pesticides and herbicides, the reasons to eat organic have grown enormously. Not only are eating GMOs (genetically modified foods) bad for you, but they’re terrible for the environment. The pesticides and chemicals used to create GMOs do more harm than good, and eating organic is the logical choice to promote good health.

However, there is an even greater benefit to be had here; eating only organic fruits and vegetables, the vegan lifestyle, has many, many benefits for your health that you might not even realize! Putting these two together can really give you the energy you need, promote good health and leave you feeling great overall!

We’ll go over 7 reasons to eat organic fruits and veggies and why you should start!

1. Organic Fruits and Veggies are Your Natural Medicine – Not only do organic fruit and veggies provide you with health benefits, but they are your natural medicine. The nutritional factors and antioxidants found in these food sources, coupled with being grown organic, can help build your immune system to fight off almost any cold!

2. Shopping local helps farmers – By eating organic and raw, you are helping your fellow community farmers create a living for themselves! There are plenty of co-ops around the U.S, such as the Rawfully Organic Co-op in Houston! Check the web for a co-op near you to get involved!

3. Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients – Each fruit and vegetable are jam packed with plentiful vitamins that help your body function. By cutting out other foods such as fats and artificial sweeteners, you’re putting healthy fuel into your body!

4. You Help the Environment in a Big Way – For every organic vegetable or fruit consumed, you’re sparing an animal or the environment from being abused or having horrific pesticides and GMOs added. It may seem small, but you’re playing a big part in the grand scheme of things!

5. Yuck! I Don’t Want GMOs Inside of Me! – There’s no telling what kind of chemicals and pesticides are used in GMOs, but we can tell you that they aren’t good. Know what’s in your food by eating organic; this way you can take control of your diet!

6. It helps the environment – By shopping organic, it prevents pesticides from being distributed by farmers to the plants, which inevitably becomes ingrown in the soil. The soil effects everything from the animals, the water and the air; it may not seem like it effects much at a first glance, but the damage to the environment is astounding if pesticides are embedded into the soil.

7. Pay the Price, or Pay For it Later – Most individuals avoid paying the more expensive cost of organic fruits and vegetables. Sure, we understand the price may be higher than standard GMO fruits and veggies found at the convenience of your local supermarket, but what is the cost? The answer is your life; do yourself a favor and go the extra mile to put the healthy organic fruits and veggies in your basket. Not only will your body and mind thank you, but you’re giving yourself a better chance for wellness in the long run!

By now the picture is clear: eating only organic fruits and veggies has many benefits to not only your health, but to the environment and animals as well. Don’t eat unhealthy now and worry about the repercussions later; take a stand for wellness and start eating organic fruits and veggies today! You have the power to put health into your hands, and it all starts with a healthy, organic vegan diet!

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